Someone's someone

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    "Someone's someone"is the 4th single from Monsta X's debut English album "All about love" , The track is a breezy future-pop song full of harmonious melodies, and a snapping choral refrain.

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    • Lyrics : English

    [Verse 1: Shownu, Joohoney]

    Maybe this is crazy, crazy just to wonder

    Wonder if there's someone meant for you

    Sunshine when it's raining, raining over lovers

    Lovers in the shade of color blue

    [Pre-Chorus: Kihyun]

    Is there someone to give it all?

    [Chorus: I.M & Kihyun]

    We all wanna be someone's

    Wanna be someone's someone

    With somebody we can't live without

    We all wanna be someone's

    Wanna be someone's someone

    Someone we can't live without

    [Verse 2: Hyungwon, Minhyuk]

    Sick of being perfect, perfect with no reason

    Reasons are for people you're meant to lose

    Someone full of secrets, secrets in the shadows

    Shadows with excuses breaking through

    [Pre-Chorus: Kihyun]

    But is there someone to give it all?