• Stage Name: Gunmin
    Birth Name: Lee Gun Min

    Group: B.I.G and Triple 7, Nik
    Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist

    Birthday: October 3rd, 1994

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    II. Career

    He is a member of the boy group B.I.G, their sub-unit Gunmin x Heedo, the japanese-korean boy group Nik and the the co-ed group Triple 7.

    III. Gunmin Facts

    – He was born in Gangwon-do, South Korea, then moved to Gwangju-si, South Korea.

    – Family: mother, father, older brother

    – He attended Joy Dance & Plug In Music Academy in Gwangju.

    – His nicknames are GunDuGi, GunPpang (Anything starting with Gun).

    – When he was in middle school, he watched the game show X-Man (X맨) & knew he wanted to become some kind of celebrity & go on variety shows.

    – He choreographed the dance for B.I.G’s 2nd single “준비됐나요” (“Are You Ready?”). [K-Populous 2014.12.07] Gunmin also choreographed their 5th single “1.2.3”.

    – His specialties are dancing and choreographing.

    – The members unanimously chose him as the manliest member of the group.

    – Gunmin is left-handed.

    – His favorite foods are pork belly and dontaksu.

    – His favorite color is purple.

    – In 2017, Heedo and Gunmin debuted as a duo, with the song “Vanilla Sky”.

    – Gunmin was a participant in ‘The Unit’. (Ranked 33rd)

    – In 2021 Gunmin was appointed as the new leader, the change came after J-Hoon got back from army.