Chung Jiyoung

  • I. Introduction

    Chung Ji-young is a South Korean film director and screenwriter.

    II. Career

    The most representative writer-director of the Korean film industry in the 1990s, Chung Ji-young honed his directing skills by working as an assistant director for Kim Soo-yong.

    Chung, whose feature debut was an erotic mystery, Mist Whispers Like Women (1982), also directed about 20 episodes of the MBC one-act play Best Theater.

    His heyday came when he departed from melodramas and thrillers and started working on more serious and reality-based films such as North Korean Partisan in South Korea (1989), White Badge (1992), and Life of Hollywood Kid (1994).

    He is also known as a representative activist director in Chungmooro by leading fellow filmmakers and actors on issues such as the campaign against direct distribution of foreign movies, the efforts to establish a screen quota system, and abolishment of the pre-censorship system.

    In 2011, Chung introduced both Unbowed, based on a real-life story of a professor standing up to the abuses of the judicial branch, and Ari Ari the Korean Cinema, a unique documentary that looks back at the history of Korean cinema, during the 16th Busan International Film Festival. Unbowed, in particular, directly criticized the corruption in the judicial system in Korea and caused a controversy. In addition, Chung led the fight to oppose the signing of the Korea-USA free trade agreement, still demonstrating himself to be ‘an activist filmmaker.’

    Chung caused a stir once again in 2012 with the release of National Security, a no-holds barred look at the rampant torture performed by Korea’s security services circa the 1980s.

    III. Filmography

    Assistant Director

    Year Title
    1976 Scissors, Rock, and Wrap
    1977 A Splendid Outing
    1978 The Swamp of Exile
    1978 The Sound of Laughter
    1979 The Terms of Love

    Screenplay Writer

    Year Title
    1979 Flower Woman
    1980 White Smile
    1982 Bird That Cries At Night
    1982 A Woman's Trap


    Year Poster Title
    1982 ... The Mist Whispers Like a Woman
    1984 ... The Light of Recollection
    1987 ... A Street Musician
    1987 ... A Woman on the Verge
    1988 ... A Forest Where a Woman Breathes
    1988 ... Mountain Snake
    1990 ... North Korean Partisan in South Korea
    1991 ... Beyond the Mountain
    1992 ... White Badge
    1994 ... Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid
    1996 7 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than a Lover
    1997 Blackjack
    1998 Naked Being
    2012 Unbowed
    2012 National Security
    2013 A Journey with Korean Masters
    2019 Black Money