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    I. Introduction

    Refresh is the 3rd EP by CLC, and it was released on February 29, 2016 with High Heels as the lead single of the EP. It was CLC's first release as a seven-member group.

    II. Background & Release

    CLC announced their comeback with two additional members that were revealed to be Elkie, and Produce 101 contestant, Kwon Eunbin although, due to Eunbin's appearance in Produce 101, she was not able to join CLC's promotions on music shows or broadcast. As a result, Eunbin's parts in the music video were also deleted and she postponed her activities with CLC until she was eliminated from Produce 101. CLC released a short version of their promotional single, High Heels on February 29, 2016. The full version of the music video was uploaded on March 20.

    III. Tracklist

    Title Writer Producer Length
    High Heels No Junhwan, Iggy Lee Hyunseung, DOM 3:24
    Refresh GHIGH, GDLO (Mono Tree) GHIGH, GDLO, Choi Youngkyung (Mono Tree) 3:26
    Yaya (Say Bye to Solo) Big Sancho Big Sancho 3:13
    Friend Lover Zone Jung Ilhoon Ferdy, Adam Kulling, Alice Gernanot 3:25
    Eighteen Kim Geonwoo Kim Geonwoo 3:29

    IV. Spotify Playlist

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    V. Videos

    VI. Concept Pictures