Ashes Of Love

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    In ancient times, the Flower Goddess died after giving birth to her daughter, Jin Mi. She has a sense that Jin Mi will suffer a great love trial that would break her down, just like her. To prevent that from happening, she gave her daughter the Loveless Pill. This magical pill prevents Jin Mi from feeling and expressing romantic love. The Flower Goddess ordered her subordinates to keep the girl’s birth a secret and keep her within the Water Barrier for 10,000 years, hoping that Jin Mi will be able to avoid the love trial. Jin Mi grows up thinking she was a Grape Fairy as all plant spirits are forbidden to leave the Water Barrier.

    4,000 years later, the Heaven Emperor’s second son, Xu Feng, was sabotaged, during his development of his phoenix spirit, by someone and accidentally lands in the Water Barrier. He was saved by the innocent Jin Mi, thinking he was a crow because of how burnt he looked. After living together, Xu Feng gradually developed feelings for Jin Mi. Jin Mi later on meets Xu Feng's older brother, Run Yu, who also develops feelings for her. Caught in a love triangle, Jin Mi learns a bitter-sweet lesson about love, revenge, and life. Together, Xu Feng and Jin Mi overcome the obstacles that try to pull them apart as fate intended.