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    On the distant planet Airon (Korean: 아이런), there was the Crystal tower which held "the crystals," a powerful source of energy that kept the galaxy in balance. The evil Terra (Korean: 테라) however, tried to gain control of it and the brave general Kamo (Korean: 카모) stopped him by destroying the tower. The crystals divided into seven and were scattered all over the Earth, and Terra was dormant due to the explosion that knocked him out. Thus Li (Korean: 리 대사제), the high priestess of Airon, ventured off to Earth to find the seven pieces and restore balance along with her bodyguard Mok-gi and six individuals from the past, present, and future. As the Universe Seven (Korean: 천지 7인), Il-sung (Korean: 일성), Wur-hwa (Korean: 월화), Hwa-san (Korean: 화산), Soo-shim (Korean: 수심), Toh-ryuk (Korean: 토력), Geum-gang (Korean: 금강은), and Mok-gi (Korean: 목기) fight against the treacherous Chu-yi (Korean: 츄이) and the reawakened Terra in order to prevent the crystals to falling into the wrong hands.