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    Woo Shin-hye is a divorcee who lives with her vain mother and two beautiful daughters, the older one who cares deeply about her image but is secretly a slob and the younger is intelligent and seemingly kind but has the sly and cruel personality. They are filthy rich thanks to Shin-hye's beauty salon. Yeol Suk-hwan is a widowed and enthusiastic single father who works at a Youth Centre to support his poor family. He lives with his greedy but kind mother-in-law and three children—two sons, the oldest who is a bread errand boy and is bullied in school and the youngest is an innocent but slow child. as well as a smart, strong but homely daughter which others mistake her as an older woman.

    Shin-hye and Suk-hwan unexpectedly fall in love and marry. Now that the two families live under the same roof, conflicts constantly arise due to differences in personalities and lifestyle. However, they work their problems together and help each other out, successfully or not, and they eventually become a real family.


    Year Award Category Recipient
    2012 K-Drama Star Awards Best Comic Acting Ahn Suk-hwan
    2012 KBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award, Female Performer in a Variety Show Hwang Shin-hye