Bachelor's Vegetable Store

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    Han Tae-yang is a hardworking, talented young man who will do anything to make his tiny vegetable stand a success. He hires a couple of "lost boys" who become his employees and friends: Nam Yoo-bong, a successful yet lonely farmer with zero love life; Lee Chan-sol, an idol trainee whose talent agency throws him out after nine years due to a hushed scandal, so he ends up working in a host club; Yoon Ho-jae, a certifiable genius with a lack of social skills that makes him unhireable to big companies; and Jung Ki-young, a homeless man who doesn't talk much.

    Tae-yang also falls in love with Mok Ga-on, but she is hiding a huge secret. She is actually Jin Jin-shim, an orphaned girl. When her friend, the real Mok Ga-on, died when they were teenagers, Ga-on's ambitious mother Choi Kang-sun took Jin-shim in and told her to pretend to be her daughter, since Ga-on is the illegitimate daughter of a chaebol businessman. Desperate for a family, Jin-shim agreed, and now named Ga-on, she has a devoted but toxic relationship with Kang-sun. Ga-on also has feelings for Tae-yang, but she is torn between him and a wealthy heir, Lee Seul-woo.