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    shape of you is not your average western hit song. it was a super viral global hit song. it got heavy rotation on radio all around the world. it was loved by many people and a song like that i would imagine did get a lot of repeat views from a lot people. but most western hits don't really get that much views like for example rain on me and say so havent even reached 300M views yet.

    im not denying that fandom streaming plays a role im just saying general public/casual fan interest plays a big role too. its like the same thing that happens on korean charts. seventeen/exo have big korean fandoms, more than most girl groups but they can't chart good because the general public isn't interested. same reason why they don't get a lot of views. its not that the fandoms don't care its just they can't

    the reason views fall so much is because the general public/casual fans only watch music videos once or twice even if they like it. its the same thing that happens with movies almost always. opening week has the greatest ticket sales and then theres a steep decline afterwards even if the movie is well liked. that's because opening week is when everyone wants to see it and as time passes more and more people have seen it already and most people even if they enjoyed the movie do not watch it again.

    western pop views arent so front loaded because most songs are not immediately popular and slowly gain popularity through radio, word of mouth, playlisting etc. also MVs are often released after the song is released.

    youtube currently has 2 billion active monthly users while spotify has 300M so yeah its way more.

    the amount of plays normal songs get on youtube compared to on spotify isnt that different but brand new, high budget MVs from artists with a lot of hype are obviously going to get way more. anyone curious about a new release is way more likely to watch the song on youtube instead of just listening to the song on spotify. thats how bts and bp get so many views, it isnt just the fandom that are watching a lot of other people are too. fandom streaming plays a part but it only gets you so far. thats why artists like exo, 17 and nct don't get so much. theres not much interest outside of their fandoms.

    I was just explaining why the numbers on YouTube are bigger. It’s not because of any kind of filtering system it’s because there are actually significantly more people using YouTube than Spotify