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    1. [Eunji] Hyori Lee. We love her so much since a long time ago. It would definitely be an honor if we can collaborate with her.

    2. [Yujeong] It's not really a big reward, but we did a cool nail art because we came back as "Summer Queen" hehe

    1. [Yujeong] Hi Fearless fans! I know we haven't had a chance to meet all of you yet, we believe that those days are coming soon when the corona situation gets better. Please keep supporting and cheering us on~

    2. [Eunji] Europe!!! I'd love it so much. When the corona situation gets better and the opportunity arises, we will definitely visit Europe.

    3. [Yuna] I want to try a Christmas Carol. A carol of a cozy and warm concept of winter.

    4. [Eunji] Hyori Lee. We loved her so much from a while back. It would definitely be an honor if we can collaborate with her.

    5. [Eunji] We became the ambassador of Life share association recently and I say it was very meaningful and memorable. It made us think that we joined the good work of sharing of life, and it's really meaningful to us, and it was a good memory to us.

    6. [Eunji] Hyori Lee

    7. [Yuna] We used to work out a lot before "rollin" became viral. Nowadays, we go to our schedule right after we wake up, so we miss working out time since we spend most of our free time for sleeping nowadays.

    [Yuna] "I am with you and the night is shining , Now I am Fearless, I have nothing to be scared of" In these lyrics, our fanclub Fearless are in it. Literally, it has a message that we are not scared of anything if we are with Fearless.

    [Yujeong] We had a music video filming at the beach Yangyang, Kangwondo. It is the same place where we had a Rollin new version music video filming. While we were filming, we recalled many memories, and the cafe owner noticed us and gave us coffee. We had such a good time filming over there because of that.

    Hi! Welcome to allkpop!

    Do you have any songs from previous albums that you’re very proud of and would recommend to newer fans?

    Thank you for being here!

    [Eunji] I recommend the song " Just drive". After "Rollin" became viral, this song gained attention by fans, and I want this song to be more popular to many fans. The lyrics are good and a perfect fit for a summer night, and I would like to highly recommend it to Fearless.

    Hey girls, it’s an honor to have you here!

    What advice or message would you give to your younger/past selves, and what plans/goals do you have for the future?

    Thank you so much, and good luck with your future success!

    [Minyoung] If I can talk to the past me, "you've been very precious and beautiful and doing good. Please don't lose the self confidence, and everything will be fine if you keep doing like this." My future goals are "Let's all keep going like we've been doing."

    Hi Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna! <3 I have been a FEARLESS since 2016! You've done all sorts of different concepts and songs that have been loved by myself and other FEARLESS <3

    My question is: What was the bravest thing/moment you've ever had to do so far? And do you have any advice for us on how to be brave ourselves?

    [Minyoung] Our bravest moment is that we stood there without giving up when we were having a hard time as idols. I believe that taking a stance is the start of being brave. It is half of the success once you start to take a stance for whatever you have in your mind. Fighting!! ^^

    [Minyoung] Actually, we thought it would be just a short bubble in the beginning and enjoyed that moment. But the number of views and comments were skyrocketing and all our friends contacted us and realized that it was forreal. It was unbelievable and we felt like we were dreaming and cried together.

    [Eunji] Too many! US, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan.... there are too many. If possible, we would like to meet all Fearless fans in all the countries.

    [Yujeong] Recently, we realized that there are many new fans we never met while we were doing facetime fan signing.

    [Yuna] We were able to get into the programs that we really wanted to be on and plus, there are many fans watching our instagram live now. haha

    [Eunji] I would like to be a fashion designer since I am interested in beauty and fashion.

    [Yuna] Since I love drawing, I would like to help design the album later on.

    [Yujeong] I try not to think of anything about the things that make me nervous.

    [Minyoung] I try to relax by listening to calm music.