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    Cheer Up was everywhere on TV and was a part of political rallies, it is still so famous. It was a phenomenon like Dynamite is. I see no comparable impact of LSG. You take in both impact and longevity. Dynamite like Cheer Up was everywhere, the pandemic for LSG is a foolish excuse cause we could still see Dynamite's impact with all the covers and its mention on shows and otherwise just like with Cheer Up. Famous Kpop idols spoke about how Dynamite is heard all over Korea.

    Also LSG is not even the top 3 biggest hits of 2020 when a whole ass Any Song and Eight exist and also Psycho and Maria. I don't see how you all are acting like LSG was the 2nd biggest song of the year just cause it outlasted other songs in Melon top 10, just using one metric to call it a national hit, when we all know this is a post reform effect, and there are atleast a handful songs other than Dynamite which were bigger than it. A bit preposterous ngl how the other hit songs' erasure is happening here. I find it fascinating and amusing how Blinks move from calling a song a hit to a massive hit to a national hit so easily. Like a national hit is just a piece of cake.

    Your essay does not even address 1% of my point!

    No, not eveb close. Ive seen songs called 'flops' pulling ULs like that after the samentime and bigger indexes.

    Its a hit, but also a product of a current system. Its much harder for hit songs to be ejected from thebtop 10 these days than in previous years.

    A song with no paks, 0 hours at number 1, low streams, low ULs etc.

    1. If Cheer Up released at the same time as Dynamite and had 0 hour at No.1, you won't consider it a national hit anymore, right?

    2. ULs are also up to dominance of Melon system. That's why it is better to use rankings as rankings are comparative like Z-score in Statistics. People may switch from melon to other platforms, but sample sizes from Melon are still big enough to draw statistically validated conclusion. Otherwise from now on, we will not have any more national hit forever as ULs from Melon will not be as high as before anymore.

    If Cheer Up happened to be released at the same time as Dynamite and did not get any number 1 as it was blocked by Dynamite, wouldn't you consider Cheer Up as a national hit anymore?

    Ok so now I know you are pressed that you need to post this excuse about platform. If I am right, I have seen your excuse about Twice's platform in a few threads on AKP already. Sit back and relax.

    You know what? All companies will always select what is best so we can just compare the numbers across platforms.

    Trust me, if Twice (your fav) has an online concert on youtube, it will not be more than Blackpink's numbers anyway.

    They even need ads these days on youtube.

    JYP also selected platform which is best for them for online concerts.

    Why are people comparing it to Twice and NCT? Both of those were on Beyond Live, a platform with less than 5% the install base of YouTube and not available in as many regions.


    The first live concert of the Beyond Live series was headlined by South Korean boy supergroup SuperM with the concert titled SuperM: Beyond the Future on April 26, 2020; the live concert recorded over 75,000 virtual tickets sold, playing to real-time audience from 109 countries.


    So Beyond Live is available for at least 109 countries.

    If those 109 countries include China, it would even be superior to youtube because paid viewers of concerts in general is fanbase, not general public, so if the platform is availble for the country, although not famous platform, fanbase will get to that platform anyway. While youtube is 100% not availble for China.