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    I'm not from America so not sure but Canada every province is different alot of people think Canada is all the same but it's not you have to base it on each province lmao OR are you Canadian too? :O)) Also alot of people wear shorts and flip flops until the first snow fall haha Idk if that's just a Saskatchewan thing or what

    The only time I have seen people wear shorts in winter is when winter is fading in the northern provinces so they go from -30 to 0 or something.

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    Yunxi giving off solid TTJ vibes here.

    Chinese state media thinks Kris Wu could

    spend up to 10 years in jail ; 2021.08.02

    Plus , in general now , PRChina Government is having a 'Eliminate Western Decadence' situation happening ... And KRIS WU is *CANADIAN* , so , PRChina Government will not hesitate to punish him ... In fact , they may be saving KRIS WU for the 'right moment' to 'trot him out' and 'horse whip' him (News Media display) ... KRIS WU is NOT earning any money now in PRChina ... Will never do so again as Entertainer ... His 'friends' in PRChina Entertainment are likely trying to DISTANCE themselves from him as FAR and FAST as they can do it.

    Kris got dropped pretty fast once the accusations trended. Honestly, so many Chinese celebrities scandals have happened since that Kris is sort of old news. Apart from some of his fan account, no one really cares. Zhang Zhehan, Zhao Wei etc. are more talked about. Specifically Zhang Zhehan as his fiasco kickstarted the qinlang thing. Kris is just more popular among kpop communities.

    There was some 'AKP Chatter' to the effect that PRChina Government recognizes NO OBLIGATIONS to say the CANADIAN EMBASSY ... In terms of say *producing* KRIS WU for some personal interaction or like that with some CANADIAN EMBASSY worker ... CANADIAN EMBASSY can *ask* for something , but there is no agreement that PRChina will respond in ANY way about PRISONERS that are ARRESTED ... Is my understanding ... Once you are ARRESTED in PRChina , you are almost as in a 'BLACK HOLE' type situation ... Is what was said.

    Hmmm. Kris Wu situation is a bit different. He actually was able to bury a lot of shit previously because he has powerful backers in China. He was part of the Beijing circle, which is kind of a network of actors and investors who yield a lot of influence and power. I genuinely think he would have gotten away with this if the whole thing hadn't blown up in weibo like it did. As for whether he is alive or not, I don't think his life is in danger because his crime isn't against the party.

    Nothing is more toxic than Chinese fandoms. The fiasco with Zhang Zhehan being banned by NRTA is a prime example of this. At least kpop fans never got their artists banned.

    I have YET to see a PHOTO of KRIS WU since his ARREST in August 2021.

    I have wondered IF that KRIS WU is even STILL ALIVE.

    I suppose if he DIED in a JAIL , that PRChina would say of it.

    He is alive. He was taken for a STD test a couple months ago or so was said on weibo. Kris Wu also has a bit of protection because he is a Canadian citizen and the embassy has to be notified when their citizen is caught for a crime. They are probably involved.

    There's a vibrant Chinese community here for sure.

    Favorite drama. It's hard to pick one but based on how may times I have watched a drama, The Legends.

    cool cool...

    how did you get into C-dramas then?

    Friends. The university program I was in was 95% Chinese students so I started watching dramas that they were watching and then got hooked. I also like that most dramas are based on novels so I can refer to it if I want some answers or don't completely understand things in the plot.

    that makes a lot more sense lol

    I'm actually into more of the none-romance dramas (like I mentioned the historical ones)

    btw my friend may I ask where you are from...(I'm Chinese btw)

    I am from Canada and I am not Chinese. Mixed heritage but mainly British, Scottish and Indian.

    good for you my friend I have never seen his dramas so I can't comment lol

    the only male actor I would consider watching based solely off their name and recognition alone would be Hu Ge and other older veteran actors...

    I don't really watch dramas based on actors. Not even for Xu Kai. I should like the story. Older actors pick scripts that aren't always romance heavy and romance is definitely a big requirement for me.

    no biggie yeah it wasn't the best drama lol

    the only reason why we (Wife and I) watched it was because we watched the first one!!! wife watched that as well !!! lol I like Zhou Dongyu in her movie stuff

    (with all due respect) my wife says he has no acting skills lol

    Truthfully, this is the first time I am hearing that he has no acting skills. His acting is why he got popular so fast. To each their own I guess <3 I personally love his acting and have watched all his works.

    I'm note sure of his previous stuff since I don't follow him but noble aspirations was pretty highly viewed (it better be if it's going to be starring Zhao Liying, Yan Zi and Li Yifeng)

    how did you come to watch this one?

    When Noble Aspirations came, I was fan of none of the actors so I didn't watch it.

    In my c-drama circle, everyone keeps recommending this drama so I finally watched a fan video and liked it enough to give the drama a try.