Shipping- a boat that is destined to sink. [Rant]

  • The shipping of kpop stars, actors or artists is a thing done in fun and with no bad intensions. But i've been watching the kpop scene since a long time and people seemed to become more and more serious about their ships.

    Videos being pushed out weekly, analysing every step of two friends and turning them into something sexual and therefore the only truth some people will accept.

    Why do people assume someones sexuality all the time?

    It's not like kpop stars were less touchy in the past, some of them even shared beds, but the stronger the shipping fandom became, the more they invaded the stars pesonal space.

    "We need ro normalize homosexuality and show them our support." Some say and i get this yes i do but this is the wrong way. No one wants to come out, when a spotlight is turned on them constantly.

    Just enjoy the content they bring, please.

    As long as no one comes out or mentions their sexuality just let them be whoever they are. :rolleyes:

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