• Meet the talented trio: Shin Donggyu, Daniel Kim, and Soonjong Cha. These three amazing artists make up the heart and soul of the group, and they're rocking the K-pop scene under Wavy Entertainment.

    Back on August 23, 2019, something magical happened – Wave To Earth debuted with their single album "Wave." And here's a twist: while they're a Korean band, most of their songs are written in English, adding an international flair to their music.

    But wait, there's more to their story! Initially, Wave To Earth started with two members, Shin Donggyu and Daniel. Their debut single 'Wave' hit the scene in August 2019, marking the beginning of their musical journey.

    In January 2020, a new chapter unfolded for the group. They dropped their first EP titled '[Wave 0.01],' and with it came the introduction of their new member, Soonjong Cha.

    And here's a fun fact: Have you ever wondered about their fandom name? Well, wonder no more! Wave To Earth's fans are lovingly called "plankton." Why? It all started from their song "Surf," where the lyrics talk about "surf like plankton." How cool is that?


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