Unpopular Kpop Opinions - ANON

  • i like superM (just leave their title tracks) . apparently this has to be an unpopular opinion

  • sm is sick for putting a durag on jinki and taemin

    nearly ruined my comeback experience

    sick that shawols dont care either :rolleyes:

    same it’s disgusting. they should have learned from, NCT, Kai’s solo, but NOOO they love to steal from black people SOOO much. their plans to take over the world is delusional, especially if they can’t respect people’s cultures and learn their lesson

  • i can’t stand sm stans they’re all so annoying lol.... they clearly don’t care that their faves are low key racists.. just adding to the problem by saying they don’t care. you’re basically saying you don’t care for the poc who were hurt by their actions. Wendy mocking black women and calling black men gangsters knowing damn well she lived in Canada.... luvies hid that well.. Remember when Taeyeon said Alicia Keys is pretty for a black women.. okay Taeyeon lol.. plus sm doesn’t seem to want their idols to apologize, how stupid. How do they expect to take over the world with that level of incompetence?? Lee Sooman is one crazy old man..

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