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  • omg ur occupation i'm laughing-

    what an icon <3

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    • oh shit, I forgot about that. I'm supposed to remove it since that happened last year. Well, nothing happened. The farthest I got was he wrote a paragraph for my job application and told me to tell no one and then the same day we were studying together ALONE and manz could have had the laptop on his desk but puts it on his lap and were like SO CLOSE to each other like legs and arm touching. Then I never saw him again. Not cause of that, it was covid. Covid really cockblocked me. I was just getting somewhere.

      Btw he wasn't my actual teacher. he was a teacher-student, early 20's. I wish I paid more attention to him. In September, I did. We'd talk ALOT but then came October-December I was talking to this guy and in January/ February I was hoeing after that guy. Mid-February, I decided to come to terms with my feelings and heartbreak from December. Then comes March, two other students tell me that he stares at me a lot and when he's talking to class he only looks at me and when I'm not looking at him he'd still be looking. He was always eager to help me too they'd say and he would be really close. So then as soon as I decide to jump back on it covid came through and like I said never seen him after that day. he got a teaching job like a real one. We emailed over the summer though. That was nice

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    • Oh, and thanks for the akorns. I don't know what they are or what they do but thanks, queen.

    • help you mean student teacher like

      meanwhile i'm out here talking about SILVER FOXES AND DILFS HELP

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    • I know this is old but I meant like

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      Girl, I can't help you if I love them too. Patrick Dempsey types omgggg?!

  • Random wall post about the glory of strawberries :borahae:

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  • i think i remember you.. were you banned ?

    • LMAOOOO, I've been banned a couple times in the past but as of late just inactive due to me being busy and the site being boring.

  • heyyyy!


    (just sayin hey...hehe)

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