Standing Egg

  • I. Introduction

    Standing Egg debuted in 2010, and they kicked off with the concept of an acoustic pop band that releases easy-to-listen songs. The group purely wants to present relaxing and sweet indie music.

    II. Career

    Standing Egg is an acoustic pop band. As they don't have a main vocalist or any musicians they're commonly referred to by the names; Egg 1 as a composer, Egg 2 as a composer and vocals, and Egg 3 as a lyricist.

    The band went on to debut in April of 2010, doing no promotion their first album reached the heart of the public through the group's Twitter account. They jokingly asked one of their followers to create a music video for one of their songs, "La La La" with the Twitter follower gladly accepting the request and created a music video that quickly became viral amongst casual listeners and ended up ranking on several Korean music charts.

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    Standing Egg stays consistent with their concept of not revealing the identity of the main musician, they would feature various guest indie artists under the disguise of the 'Standing Egg' like Windy (vocals), Lee Ye-seul (vocals), Clover (vocals and guitar), Lee Ye-ni (keyboards), Lee Han-kyul (double bass, electric bass), and Song Ha-na (Djembe and percussion).

    Despite the band not revealing the identity of each of their members, Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3 don’t want to stop making music that can bring happiness.


    “We only make the music we want and only contain music that we are good at making. Because acoustic music sounds normal, maybe someone will feel bored when they first listen to this type of music. However, the advantage is, it gets easier over time and it’s comfortable to listen to”.

    III. Members

    • Egg 1 (Hangul: 에그1호) — Composition
    • Egg 2 (Hangul: 에그2호) — Composition, Vocal
    • Egg 3 (Hangul: 에그3호) — Lyrics

    IIII. Live Performance Team

    Real Name: Ryu Seok-won
    Stage Name: Clover (클로버)
    Birthday: May 23rd, 1988
    Position: Vocal, Guitar
    Official Sites:
    - Instagram
    - YouTube
    Real Name: Lee Han-kyul
    Position: Double bass, Electric bass
    Official Sites:
    - Instagram
    Real Name: Song Hana
    Position: Djembe, Percussion
    Real Name: Lee Ye-ni
    Position: Keyboardist

    Official Sites:
    - Instagram
    Real Name: Lee Ye-seul
    Position: Vocalist
    Stage Name: Windy
    Position: Vocalist

    IV. Studio Albums

    • With (2010)
    • Like (2012)
    • Shine (2013)
    • Us (2014)
    • Dramatic (2017)
    • Letters From My Old Friend (2021)

    IVI. Special Albums

    • Moment (2013)

    IVII. EPs

    • Lucky (2011)
    • Ballad With Windy (2012)
    • Ambler (2013)
    • 36.5 (2014)
    • Young (2015)
    • Inner (2015)
    • Voice (2016)
    • Poetic (2019)

    IVIII. Digital singles

    • "Standing Egg" (2010)
    • "Have You Ever Fallen in Love?" (2011)
    • "Fly" (2011)
    • "앓이 With Windy" (2011)
    • "사랑한대 With Windy" (2011)
    • "편한 사이 With Windy" (2011)
    • "Didn't Two" (2012)
    • "Keep Going" (2012)
    • "오래된 노래" (2012)
    • "A Perfect Day" (2012)
    • "Everyday With You" (2012)
    • "시간이 달라서" (2013)
    • "넌 이별 난 아직" (2013)
    • "고백" (2014)
    • "She Is Back" (2014)
    • "맘에 걸려" (2014)
    • "Starry Night" (2015)
    • "Nobody Knows" (2015)
    • "Rain Drop" (2016)
    • "Summer Night You and I" (2016)
    • "First Love" (2017)
    • "Cuz It's You" (2017)
    • "Tonight" (2017)
    • "Fool" (2017)
    • "S.C.H (Small But Certain Happiness)" (2018)
    • "Oh, Wait" (2018)
    • "Have You Ever Had Heart Broken?" (2018)
    • "Love is You" (2018)
    • "Travel to You" (2019)
    • "Good Night (Healing Song)" (2019)
    • "A Song Only I Wanna Know" (2019)
    • "I Know What Is the Love After Broke Up" (2020)
    • "I'm Dawn" (2020)
    • "99" (2020)
    • "Friend to Lover" (2020)
    • "Speechless" (2020)
    • "Reminiscence" (2020)
    • "Everyday" (2021)
    • "What Are You Thinking About" (2021)
    • "Distance" (2022)

    IVIV. Collaborations

    • "The Artist Diary Project Part.8" (with Park Se Young) (2014)
    • "The Artist Diary Project Part.10" (2014)
    • "The Artist Diary Project Part.12" (2016)
    • "Those Were The Days" (with OBROJECT) (2017)
    • "Dear You" (2020)

    IVV. OSTs

    V. Videography

    VI. Other Social Media