• Secret in a 2014 promotional picture for Secret Summer

    I. History

    The now-disbanded South Korean girl group Secret debuted under TS Entertainment in 2009 with the single "I Want You Back", with two mini albums (Secret Time and Madonna) being released in the next year (2010). Secret's entry to the Japanese market came in 2011 with a Japanese version of "Madonna" - from that year until 2014, they continued releasing new comebacks every single year, with 4 single albums (Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight, Talk That, and Gift From Secret), a full album (Moving in Secret), and 3 more mini albums (Poison, Letter from Secret, and Secret Summer) being released by the group during that time period.

    However, after the promotions for Secret's 2014 mini album Secret Summer ended, updates about the group went silent - it wasn't until 2016 that Sunhwa's departure from Secret was announced by their company (TS Entertainment). Even though the group was reported to be preparing for a 3-member comeback in 2017, it wasn't to be because, in that same year, member Jieun requested to the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board that her contract be invalidated - this marked the beginning of a legal dispute between TS Entertainment and the Secret members that ended when the former announced Hyosung's departure from the latter as she lost trust in the company, with Secret officially disbanding after that.

    II. Discography

    III. South Korean full albums

    1. Moving in Secret (2011)

    IIII. South Korean mini albums

    1. Secret Time (2010)
    2. Madonna (2010)
    3. Poison (2012)
    4. Letter From Secret (2013)
    5. Secret Summer (2014)

    IIIII. South Korean singles

    1. I Want You Back (2009)

    IIIIII. Single albums

    1. Shy Boy (2011)
    2. Starlight Moonlight (2011)
    3. Talk That (2012)
    4. Gift From Secret (2013)

    IIIV. Japanese full albums

    1. Welcome to Secret Time (2012)