• I. Introduction

    Hyeonsu is a member of Japanese-Korean boy group NIK. He was also a former member of boy groups LC9 and BLK. Hyeonsu also participated in Mnet's survival show "Produce X 101".

    II. Career

    Hyeonsu debuted in Nega Network's boy group LC9 on May 9, 2013 with their mini albulm "Skirmish" under the stage name AO. The group disbanded after the members' contracts ended on December 21, 2015.

    Hyeonsu re-debuted again under his new stage name AO in BYKING's boy group BLK on November 28, 2017 with their mini album "Into BLK Part 1. I.". Member Taebin revealed on their fancafe that BLK disbanded in September, 2018.

    Hyeonsu participated in Mnet's reality survival show "Produce X 101" in 2019. He was eliminated in the 11th episode at rank #26.

    Hyeonsu joined the Japanese-Korean audition survival show "G-EGG" in 2020. He ranked at #2, which allowed him to become a member of NIK. He debuted with the group on September 27, 2021 with their single "Santa Monica / Universe".

    III. Videography

    Title Network Date Aired
    Produce X 101 (Contestant)
    Mnet 2019
    G-EGG (Contestant)
    Mnet Japan/Abem TV K World

    IV. Trivia

    • He was born in Daejeon, South Korea.
    • He likes making choreography.
    • He likes watching Marvel movies and studying everything about the earth.
    • He trained for 8 years and 3 months including the debut times in between.

    (Credit to kprofiles.com)