Yehwa (ZeroSix)

  • Stage Name: Yehwa (예화/イェファ)

    Birth Name: Lee Ye Rim (이예림)

    English Name: Lily Lee

    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

    Birthday: November 2, 1999

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    II. Career

    I. 2019–2020: Debut and departure from Daydream

    Ye Hwa, then known as 'Alim', was one of the original three members of Daydream who had their first stage on June 13, 2019. On February 23, 2020, Alim made her debut with Daydream but right after promotions ended, she and two other members left the group due to conflicts with their company.

    After her departure, she signed under Liz Entertainment took the stage name 'Ye Hwa'. She first appeared in one of the company's trainee cover videos on June 3.

    On October 26, Liz Entertainment revealed that Ye Hwa will be one of four members of their newest upcoming girl group, ZeroSix.

    III. Yehwa Facts

    – She was born in Incheon, South Korea.

    – When she was young, she attended an English Academy.

    – She was also a member of the dance team The Bella from 2015 to 2016 under the stage name Yerim.

    – She is the self-proclaimed genius of ZEROSIX.

    – She has a dog and a cat.

    – Her hobbies are listening to music and eating delicious food.

    – Her specialties are playing alone, and creating choreographies.

    – Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

    – She wants to go on ISAC as an archer.

    – She prefers water parks over beaches.

    – She prefers winter over summer.

    – She sang ITZY‘s “Wannabe” at the audition.

    – She is allergic to dust and animal hair.