Geumhee (05Class)

  • Stage Name: Geumhee

    Birth Name: Han Geum Hee

    Group: 05Class

    Position: –

    Birthday: ~2005

    II. Career

    She is part of the trainee girl group 05Class.

    The girl group's concept is a 'class of young girls who were born in 2005 and they are expected to make their debut in 2022.

    III. Geumhee Facts

    – Her nickname is Mygumi (jelly name) because the pronunciation of her name and the word are similar.

    Geumhee, Sua and Seoyeon studied at the same middle school.

    – She’d prefer having a curry flavoured poop than a poop flavoured curry.

    – She likes touching her eyelashes when she applies her mascara.