Maroo Entertainment

  • I. Introduction

    Maroo Entertainment was originally founded in 2007 by Lee Hyuk-jae as a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment (then known as Core Contents Media) before later becoming an independent company and is best known for artists such as Supernova, myB, and KHAN.

    II. Artists

    Artist name Debut year Status
    Supernova 2007 Left Maroo Entertainment in 2018
    1PS 2014 Disbanded in 2015
    myB 2015 Disbanded in 2016
    BONUSbaby 2017 Inactive as of 2018
    KHAN 2018 Disbanded in 2019
    Park Jihoon 2019
    (originally debuted as a Wanna One member in 2017)
    Teen Teen 2019 Active
    GHOST9 2020 Active