• Stage Name: Rawhyun (로현) [formerly Seohyun (서현)]

    Birth Name: Kim Seo-hyun

    Group: NTX

    Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Producer

    Birthday: March 6, 2003

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    II. Career

    He is a member of the boy group NTX.

    They made their debut on March 30, 2021 with their first mini album ''Full of Lovescapes''.

    They were originally set to debut in January 2021 but was delayed to March 30, 2021 due to covid-19.

    III. Rawhyun Facts

    — He released four mixtapes prior to debut (of which one with Jiseong and Gihyun and another one with just Jiseong).

    – He’s in charge of vocals, rap, producing and total arts.

    – The day NTX appeared on Pops in Seoul for the first time, he admitted to drawing on Eunho’s and Seongwon’s pants.

    – He likes buying and DIY-ing clothes, solving cubes and drawing.

    – He can solve a cube in a few seconds.

    – His favorite artist is Colde