• I. Introduction:

    VANNER (배너) is a five-member boy group under VT Entertainment.

    They debuted on February 14, 2019 with their first album V.

    Their name is a combination of "Victory" and "Banner", meaning to put the flag of victory at the top.

    Throughout 2018 they had pre-debut promotions in Japan.

    They debuted with the single “Better Do Better”.

    The current line up consists of Taehwan, Gon, Hyeseong, Ahxian and Yeonggwang.

    VANNER Fandom Name: VVS Fandom . (It’s pronounced “V V S” and stands for “very very slightly.”

    It’s in reference to the clarity of diamonds; these types of diamonds are very rare and very expensive,

    and it means that fans are valuable to VANNER (VANNER fancafe)).

    VANNER Official Accounts:

    Instagram: @Vanner_Official

    Twitter: @VannerOfficial

    YouTube: VT Entertainment

    Official website:

    vLive: VANNER

    II. Members:

    Stage Name: Taehwan (태환)
    Birth Name: Lee Tae Hwan (이태환)
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
    Birthday: January 15, 1994
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Nationality: Korean
    Height: 174cm (5’9″)
    MBTI Type: ESFJ-T

    Taehwan is credited for 3 works on KOMCA
    Under the name TAE HWAN(10021021)

    Stage Name: Gon (곤)
    Birth Name: Lee Won Seo (이원서)
    Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer
    Birthday: August 7, 1995
    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Nationality: Korean
    Height: 180cm (5″11″)
    MBTI Type: ENTP-A

    Gon was only suppose to be
    Vanner’s dance trainer but the
    entertainment asked him if he
    wanted to be in the group and he said yes.
    Gon has a tattoo on forearm.
    “We are going to be what we were born to be”

    Gon is credited for 10 works on KOMCA
    under the name GON(10021023)

    Stage Name: Hyeseong (혜성)
    Birth Name: Park Hye Seong (박혜성)
    Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
    Birthday: January 17, 1996
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Nationality: Korean
    Height: 174cm (5’9″)
    MBTI Type: ENFP-T

    Hyeseong taught Minhyuk of D-CRUNCH in dancin

    Stage Name: Sunggook (성국)
    Birth Name: Park Sung Kook (박성국)
    Position: Lead Rapper
    Birthday: March 27, 1996
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Nationality: Korean
    Height: 177cm (5’10”)
    MBTI Type: ENFP

    Ahxian is credited for 11 works on KOMCA
    under the name AHXIAN(10021022)

    Stage Name: Yeonggwang (영광)
    Birth Name: Ahn Young Jun (안영준)
    Position: Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
    Birthday: September 22, 1997
    Zodiac Sign: Virgo
    Nationality: Korean
    Height: 176cm (5’9″)
    MBTI Type: ISFP-A

    He can speak Japanese and is learning Chinese

    III. Discography:

    Studio albums

    V (2019)

    Mini albums

    Veni Vidi Vici (2023)

    Capture the Flag (2024)

    Single albums

    "5cean : V" (2019)

    "Life" (2020)

    "Take Off" (2022)


    Digital singles

    "Performer -Japanese ver.-" (2023)


    Digital singles

    "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (2023)

    Participation releases

    Peak Time - 1 Round <Rival Match> Pt.1 ("Love Killa" as TEAM 11:00) (2023)

    Peak Time - 2 Round <Union Match> Pt.1 ("My Bag" as Rap Team Cand "Way Back Home" as 'Vocal Unit C) (2023)

    Peak Time - 3 Round <Originals Match> ("Skyscraper" as TEAM 11:00) (2023)

    Peak Time - <Final Round> ("Prime Time") (2023)

    "Your Time" (as part of PEAK TIME TOP6) (2023)


    U.S tours

    2022 US Tour: Boost Up Part. 1 (2022)

    Concert participation

    PEPSI SUMMER FESTA 2023 (2023)


    Form & Fan (2021)


    Reality shows

    Peak Time (JTBC, 2023)

    Picnic Time (YouTube, 2023)

    Variety shows

    Music Universe K-909 (JTBC, 2023) - guest (ep. 17)

    IV. Awards and Nominations:

    K-Stage Awards

    2021VannerGlobal Kpop StarWon
    2021VannerVariety AwardWon