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    I. Introduction:

    VANNER (배너) is a five-member boy group under VT Entertainment.

    They debuted on February 14, 2019 with their first album V.

    Their name is a combination of "Victory" and "Banner", meaning to put the flag of victory at the top.

    Throughout 2018 they had pre-debut promotions in Japan.

    They debuted with the single “Better Do Better”.

    The current line up consists of Taehwan, Gon, Hyeseong, Ahxian and Yeonggwang.

    VANNER Fandom Name: vvs Fandom . (It’s pronounced “V V S” and stands for “very very slightly.”

    It’s in reference to the clarity of diamonds; these types of diamonds are very rare and very expensive,

    and it means that fans are valuable to VANNER (VANNER fancafe)).

    II. VANNER Official Accounts:

    Instagram: @Vanner_Official

    Twitter: @VannerOfficial

    YouTube: VT Entertainment

    Official website: https://www.vt-ent.com

    vLive: VANNER

    III. Members:

    Taehwan (태환) Leader, Main Vocalist, Center, Face of the Group

    Gon (곤) Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Main Dancer

    Hyeseong (혜성) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

    Ahxian (아시안) Lead Rapper, Dancer

    Yeonggwang (영광) Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Maknae

    IV. Discography:

    Studio albums

    V (2019)

    Single albums

    "5cean : V" (2019)

    "Life" (2020)

    V. Writing & Producing:

    Source: https://www.komca.or.kr/foreign2/eng/S01.jsp

    Gon Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 15 songs (under GON(10021023))

    Ahxian Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 11 songs (under AHXIAN(10021022))

    Taehwan Has Written, Composed, & Arranged 3 songs (under TAE HWAN(10021021))