• I. Intro


    Badkiz debuted on March 24, with the digital single "Ear Attack" as a five member group with Monika, BomBom, Yeunji, Eunjoo and Jina.

    Soon after their debut Eunjoo and Yeunji left Badkiz and were replaced by Yoomin and Hana.

    On November 13, Badkiz released their second single "Babomba".


    In March Yoomin and in April Jina, BomBom and Hana left the group.

    On August 7, Badkiz released their 3rd digital single "Come closer" with their new members Lua, Haneul and K.Me.


    Haneul left group after release of "Come closer" and new members Somin and U-Si joined.

    Their 4th single "Hothae" was released on August 15. Later on November 21 their 5th single "Ear Attack 2" was released.

    Same year LuA left and Duna replaced her.


    On July 3, Badkiz released their 6th single "Give it to me".

    Later that year U-Si and Duna left and Lohee joined the group.


    Early this year Monika, the last original member, left and Sol.B joined the group.

    On April 6, Badkiz released their 7th single "Just one day".

    Later that year Sol.B, K.Me and Lohee left then Hayoung and Sihyeon were added to the group.


    The band changed their name to "Hot place". Hayoung left and Taeri joined.


    After departure of Taeri and Sihyeon, the group changed the name back to Badkiz.

    In April, Rawhi, Rozi and Semi joined the group for a comeback.

    In August, after their Makestar campaign failure the group went silent and in October with the fairwell letters the remaining members wrote, the group disbanded.

    II. Members

    Birth name Stage name Birthday
    Jang Somin Eunyu Apr 10, 1992
    Kim Seoeun Seoeun Apr 30, 1995
    Kim Yunjung Rozi Mar 9, 1995
    Park Sujin Semi Oct 22, 1995
    Lee Yeonji Yeunji Sep 26, 1993
    Lee Eunjoo Eunjoo Sep 23, 1994
    Kim Jain BomBom Nov 14, 1992
    Yoo Jina Jina Dec 6, 1992
    Jo Yoomin Yoomin May 25, 1993
    Lee Hana Hana -
    Kim Haneul Haneul Apr 26, 1992
    Yoon Jiyeon U-Si Nov 13, 1997
    Jo Hankyoung LuA Sep 14, 1991
    Han Junga Duna Feb 20, 1994
    Kang Ye Monika May 21, 1991
    - Sol.B Jan 16, 1995
    Na Miri K.Me Nov 10, 1993
    Kang Dahyun Lohee Nov 8, 1993
    Kim Hayoung Hayoung Sep 12, 1996
    Kang Sihyeon Sihyun Nov 11, 1997
    Im Yeonji Taeri Mar 16, 2000
    Han Rawhi Rawhi -

    III. Discography

    title year
    Ear attack 2014
    Babomba 2014
    Come closer 2015
    Hothae 2016
    Ear attack 2 2016
    Give it to me 2017
    Just one day 2018