Eye for an Eye

  • Captain Baek Sung-Chan is about to retire from the police force. Before he hands in his official resignation, a money transport van is robbed with one of the criminals impersonating Captain Baek Sung-Chan. Shortly afterwards, over half a ton of solid gold is stolen on Jeju Island. Being short tempered, Captain Baek Sung-Chan becomes outraged and vows to take down the criminal group behind the crimes.

    Meanwhile, criminal mastermind Ahn Hyun-Min has orchestrated the heists to prefection. He's following a script that he has crafted for many years and that also entails provoking the short fused Baek Sung-Chan. Ahn Hyun-Min's ultimate goal isn't Capt. Baek, but rather a fellow figure in the criminal underworld that Ahn Hyun-Min wants to seek revenge upon. A man that Captain Baek Sung-Chan wants to arrest.