• I. Introduction

    D.Holic (디홀릭) was a girl group formed by H.Mate Entertainment (now known as Star Road).

    D.Holic started life as a five member group with an international slant thanks to Japanese member Rena and Chinese member Hami (Korean members Duri, Danbi, and Nine).

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    They debuted on October 23, 2014 with the single "D.Holic Dark With Dignity".

    II. Complicated history: Members Departure & Disbandment

    On August 28, 2015, it was announced that member Nine had left the group due to health reasons. New member Hwajung was added shortly after for promotions. Then in November 2015, they released their first single album “Murphy & Sally” with new member Hwajung.

    For this comeback H.Mate entertainment went for a brand new image and sound for D.Holic.

    The title track would be an EDM influenced pop song about self-empowerment, this is a complete turn from the sexy image that the group used from their debut.

    Fast forward to July 5, 2016, it was announced that Dan Bee and Duri had decided to leave the group due to health reasons with their contracts expiring. With a new member named EJ being added to the lineup afterwards.

    EJ wore a mask for their showcase of their newest digital single and when asked why, it was revealed that EJ was considered a "mystery member".

    D.Holic continued to promote as a 4-member group and on July 6, 2016, they made a comeback with their new digital single “Color Me Rad”.

    A rumours spread on a forum site about the members announcing that if they don't sell at least 1,500 physical copies of their “Color Me Rad” EP, they will disband. This would soon be true with H.Mate entertainment dropping the number of copies to 1,300 due to the success in digital sales for “Color Me Rad”.

    Up until February 2017, it was confirmed through a performance that members Hami and Hwajung had departed from the group. They were temporary replaced with new members, Nayoung and Youjin, although they never officially made their debut.

    Then come the coming months, EJ announced on July 2017, that she would be leaving the group to pursue a modelling career. H.Mate entertainment soon announced the group’s disbandment after the departure of all but one member, with the aim of re-debuting the remaining member, Rena, into a new girl group within a year which never happened.

    III. Members

    Names Positions Years active
    Nine (나인)
    Vocalist 2014-2015
    Dan Bee (단비)
    Rapper, Vocalist 2014-2016
    Duri (두리)
    Leader, Vocalist 2014-2016
    Hami (하미)
    Vocalist 2014-2017
    Rena (레나)
    Vocalist 2014/2017
    Hwa Jung (화정) Vocalist, Maknae 2015-2017
    EJ (이제이)
    Rapper 2016-2017
    Nayoung (나영) N/A 2017
    Youjin (유진) N/A 2017

    IV. Discography

    Mini albums

    • Chewy (2015)

    Single albums

    • "Murphy & Sally" (2015)

    Digital singles

    • "D.Holic Dark With Dignity" (2014)
    • "Color Me Rad" (2016)

    V. Music Videos

    VI. Performances & Dance Practices

    VII. Segments

    VIII. Other Social Media