• Stage Name: Baekgyeul
    Birth Name: Baek Sunwoo

    Group: E'LAST
    Position: Lead Vocalist

    Birthday: December 1, 1999

    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

    Blood Type; A

    II. Baekgyeul Facts

    – Baekgyeul was revealed on December 30,2019
    – He was born in Busan, S. Korea
    – He can play the guitar
    – Role models: Baekhyun (EXO), Seventeen, Sam Kim, Park Hyo Shin
    – Things he likes: Macaroons, Samgyeopsal, Moksal, Starbucks white choc matcha, strawberries, whipped cream, Yeopdduk, spicy grilled chicken, Iron man, Spiderman, clothes, shoes, cafes, stars, walks, puppies, cats, home, lying down, Busan ocean
    – Things he hates: Fishy seafood, Summer, Scary things
    – Baekgyeul’s roommate is Seungyeop
    – He’s a big fan of Star Wars
    – He can speak English a little according to his Self written profile
    – MBTI Type: INFP-T (Fancafe)
    – Baekgyeul is friends with Spectrum’s Minjae. They used to train together. (spectrum vlive june 3, 2020)
    – He loves mint choco