• Stage Name: Nara

    Birth Name: Kwon Na-ra/ Kwon Ah Yoon

    Group: HELLO VENUS

    Position: Vocalist

    Birthday: March 13,1991

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    Blood Type: A

    II. Nara Facts

    - She was born in Seongnam, South Korea.
    - She has two younger sisters.

    - Her nicknames are Ddochi, Bundang’s Lee Nayoung

    - Education: Dongduk Women’s University, Major in Broadcasting

    - Her hobbies are watching movies and playing golf.

    - Nara acted in “Suspicious Partner” (2017) as Ji Chang Wook’s ex-girlfriend.

    - She also acted in the drama “Your Honor” (2018).

    - Ideal Type: She said the closest to her ideal type is L.Joe (ex. member of Teen Top).

    - Expertise: acting and modeling

    - She underwent the second longest training after Alice

    - The highest member in the group

    - As a child, her dream was to become a flight attendant. But after growing up, she wanted to be an actress and singer