Ji Chang Wook

  • I. Bio

    Ji Changwook was born in Anyang, South Korea. His father passed away when he was in elementry school. Her mother worked at a restaurant to support her son. While in highschool he wanted to become an engineer but after graduation he became an actor.

    II. Career


    He started from a musical theater and made his onscreen debut in the movie "Days".


    He made his official debut in the movie "Sleeping Beauty".


    He had his first lead role in the daily drama "Smile again".


    He played his first antagonist role in the drama "Five fingers".


    He became popular in asia by playing the main role in the tv series "Healer".


    He played as the male lead for the action thriller "The K2" which recieved a lot of praise.


    After his millitary service he played in the romantic comedy series "melting me softly".


    He played in a romantic comedy based on webtoon series named "Backstreet Rookie".

    III. Discography


    title year
    Meet again meet again 2011
    Your warmth 2011
    Fill up 2012
    To the butterfly 2014
    I will protect you 2015
    Kissing you 2016
    101 reasons why I like you 2017
    When love passes by 2019

    IV. Filmography

    MovieTV series

    title year role
    Days 2006 -
    Sleeping beauty 2008 Jinseo
    The wierd missing case of Mr J 2009 Sun Gunman
    Death bell 2 2010 sooil
    Confession 2011 -
    How to use guys with secret tips 2013 Hongjun's brother
    The long way home 2015 -
    Fabricated city 2017 kwon yoo
    Your name 2017 Taki Tachibana
    The bros 2017 Young Chunbae
    Restricted call 2021 Jinwoo
    title year role
    You stole my heart 2008 Lee Phillip
    My too perfect sons 2009 Song Mipoong
    Hero 2009 Park Junhyeong
    Smile again 2010 Carl laker/Donghae
    Warrior Baek Dongsoo 2011 Baek Dongsoo
    Bachelor's vegetable store 2011 Han Taeyang
    Five fingers 2012 Yoo Inha
    Empress Ki 2013 Tahwan
    Healer 2014 Seo Junghoo
    The whirlwing girl 2 2016 Chang An
    The K2 2016 Kim Jeha
    Suspicious partner 2017 Noh Jiwook
    Melting me softly 2019 Ma Dongchan
    Backstreet Rookie 2020 Choi Daehyun
    Love struck in the city 2020 Park Jaewon