Eunsom (WANNA.B)

  • Stage Name: Eunsom (은솜)

    Real Name: Lee Eunjoo (이은주)

    Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae

    Birthday: September 23, 1994

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    II. Career

    I. 2014–present: BADKIZ, Luluz and WANNA.B

    On March 24, 2014 she debuted as a member of BADKIZ (under the stage name Eunjoo (은주)) , with the group's first digital single "Ear Attack'', sometime after the release of the single it was announced that she and a fellow-member Yeunji left the group.

    On December 3, Eunsom re-debuted as a member of luluz with the group's first and only release "What Do You Think Of Me?''. She was a member of the group until their disbandment sometime in 2015.

    In 2015, she was added to the line-up of WANNA.B after three of the original members left the group. She officially debuted as a member of the group on July 20, 2015 with their debut digital single "Attention''.

    She was a member of the group, until their disbandment in late 2019.

    III. Eunsom Facts

    -She is from Jeonju, South Korea.

    -She is a former member of BADKIZ (under her real name Eunjoo) and Luluz.