• Stage Name: B:eta
    Birth Name: Ji Ha Yong

    Group: ALPHABAT
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

    Birthday: May 20, 1987

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    II. Career

    He is the leader and main vocalist of the boy group ALPHABAT and a former member of HITT under his real name Hayong.

    He debuted with the group on November 14, 2013 with their debut stage on M Countdown for their first digital single "AB City".

    III. B:eta Facts

    – He is the mood maker in Alphabat.

    – His hobbies are watching movies and exercising.

    – He practices Kendo.

    – He’s good at imitating voices.

    – He can imitate a baby crying.

    – B:eta and F:ie are best friends.

    – “Beta” is the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet (β).

    – He enlisted in March 31, 2015, he got discharged in the beginning of 2017.