HWA SA - Guilty Pleasure

  • I. Introduction

    Guilty Pleasure is Hwa Sa's second single album that was released on November 24, 2021.

    II. Background

    Back on September 28, 2021, Korean media was already reporting that Hwa Sa was preparing for her upcoming solo comeback. This was confirmed by RBW Entertainment soon after. She started revealing teaser clips and photos from November 9 to November 22. Guilty Pleasure and the MV for the title track I'm a 빛 came out on November 24.

    III. Track List

    Title Lyrics Composition Arrangement Length
    FOMO Park Woo Sang, Jemma
    Park Woo Sang
    Park Woo Sang
    **I'm a 빛 (I'm a B)
    Gustav Landell, Kristin Carpetner, Simon Jonasson, musikality, Park Woo Sang, HWA SA, Hae Da Young
    Gustav Landell, Kristin Carpenter, Simon Jonasson, Musikality
    Gustav Landell, Simon Jonasson, Musikality, Park Woo Sang
    Bless U
    Park Woo Sang, HWA SA
    Park Woo Sang, HWA SA
    Park Woo Sang

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    V. Concept Photos

    VI. Videos