• Stage Name: Cyan
    Birth Name: Lee Chae Eun

    Group: bugAboo
    Position: Vocalist

    Birthday: April 4, 2001

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Unit: Boo

    II. Career

    I. 2019–present: bugAboo

    Sometime in 2019, Cyan, then known by her name, Chaeeun, was introduced as one of the members of the upcoming girl group ISE (tentative name). Their debut, however, was delayed to 2021, due to COVID-19 in 2020. Finally, on September 4, 2021, Cyan was revealed as the sixth member of A team Entertainment's girl group, named bugAboo.

    The group debuted with the single album "bugAboo" on October 25.

    III. Cyan Facts

    – She appeared in VAV’s MV for “Made For Two”.

    – She likes Disney.

    – She is very artsy.

    – Her favorite song is “Into the unknown”.

    – She can speak English.

    – Nicknames: Syani Syan, Fairy, Tinkerbell, Chaeni, and Princess Chaen.

    – Her charming points are her small face and ears.

    – She likes her ATeam friends, as well as cute things.

    – Her hobbies are scrapbook journaling and decorating her room.

    – She likes to listen to music and watch movies and dramas.

    – She can imitate main characters.

    – She lived abroad as a child.

    – She can roll her tongue.

    – Cyan is the mood maker of the group.

    – She is left handed.

    – Her favorite colors are cyan, yellow and pink.

    – She likes earrings because she has a lot of ear piercings.

    – If Cyan had to explain herself in hashtags she would use #human_rabbit, #Its_Cyan_Color, #from_Slytherin.

    – She really likes Harry Potter, specifically Slytherin.

    – The song she is most comfortable performing is When Will My Life Begin from Rapunzel.

    – She is really comfortable in girl group dances, but specifically Into The New World by SNSD.