• I. Introduction

    BLACKSWAN in a promotional photo for their 2020 album Goodbye Rania

    BLACKSWAN (previously known as Rania, then BP Rania) is currently a 4-member group consisting of Youngheun, Fatou, Judy, and Leia. The group debuted in 2011 as Rania with the single album Teddy Riley, the First Expansion into Asia and the title track of "Dr. Feel Good", but later changed their name to BP Rania (from "Black Pearl Rania") in 2016 after then-member Alex was made the leader as a reference to her skin tone. After that, the group went on to release 2 more title tracks and promote 2 more B-sides before finally rebranding as BLACKSWAN in 2020 with a 5-member lineup that later became the current 4-member lineup after Hyeme left the group.

    II. Members

    Picture Stage name Real name Date of birth Nationality Position in the group Joined in
    Youngheun Go Young-heun November 20, 1994 South Korean Leader/Main vocalist 2019
    Fatou Samba Fatou Diouf March 23, 1995 Senegalese Main rapper 2020
    Judy Kim Da-hye May 16, 1995 South Korean Main dancer 2020
    Leia Larissa Cartes May 14, 2001 Brazilian/Japanese Visual/Maknae 2019

    III. Former members

    Picture Stage name Real name Date of birth Nationality Position in the group Debuted with the group in Left in
    Yijo Chang Yijiao June 16, 1987 Chinese Dancer 2011 2011
    Joy Jutamas Wichai July 27, 1990 Thai Visual 2011 2011
    Riko Kim Joo-yeon March 10, 1989 South Korean Leader 2011 2014
    Yina Hwang Saem May 4, 1987 South Korean Leader 2011 (rejoined in 2016 after first leaving in 2014) 2017
    Jooyi Yoo Joo-yi August 20, 1989 South Korean Leader/Main vocalist 2011 2016
    Di Kim Da-rae October 18, 1991 South Korean Leader/Main rapper/Main dancer 2011 2016
    T-ae Lee Tae-eun September 24, 1993 South Korean Main dancer 2011 2016
    Xia Jang Jin-young November 15, 1993 South Korean Maknae 2011 2016
    Sharon Park Sharon November 29, 1992 South Korean Sub-vocalist 2014 2015
    Alex Alexandra Reid March 5, 1989 American Leader/Main rapper 2015 2017
    Zi.U (formerly Seulji) Kim Seul-ji February 24, 1995 South Korean Lead vocalist 2015 2019
    Hyeme Kim Hye-mi December 22, 1995 South Korean Main vocalist 2015 2020
    Yumin Kim Yoo-min April 22, 1994 South Korean Sub-vocalist 2016 2018
    Ttabo Fu Yingnan June 8, 1995 Chinese Main rapper 2016 2019
    Jieun Kang Ji-eun October 17, 1993 South Korean Leader/Lead vocalist 2016 2019
    Namfon Korapat Bisechuri June 25, 2001 Thai Maknae 2018 2020
    Seonghyun Lee Seong-hyun October 10, 1996 South Korean Main dancer 2019 2020

    III. Discography

    Cover art Release title Type Release date Title track
    Teddy Riley, the First Expansion into Asia Single album April 6, 2011 "Dr. Feel Good"
    Time to Rock da Show Mini album November 17, 2011 "Pop Pop Pop"
    Style Single September 21, 2012 "Style"
    Just Go Full album March 8, 2013 "Just Go"
    Demonstrate Mini album November 5, 2015 "Demonstrate"
    Start a Fire Mini album December 30, 2016 "Start a Fire"
    Refresh 7th Mini album August 12, 2017 "Beep Beep Beep"
    Goodbye Rania Full album October 16, 2020 "Tonight"

    IV. Trivia

    • Taiwanese singer and actress Sarah Wang was part of Rania's pre-debut lineup, but left the group before their 2011 debut and later opened a Hello Kitty restaurant in Beijing known as the Dreams Restaurant.
      • The group's company later filled her spot using Thai trainee Data (who left due to homesickness) and Canadian trainee Minhee (who left due to parental disapproval) and, lastly, former member Yijo.
    • As a last-minute addition to Rania's lineup, Yijo never participated in any of the performances for her group's song "Dr. Feel Good" and left shortly after Rania's debut due to working visa issues.
    • Seonghyun left BP Rania some time before the group rebranded as BLACKSWAN.
    • Hyeme left BLACKSWAN after she was accused of scamming 50 million won from someone because DR Music had already planned for her to leave the group when her contract expired; BLACKSWAN's promotions for their Goodbye Rania album were cut short after this.
    • In an interview with YouTuber Ploopy678, former member Yina stated that many of Rania's members left before their contracts expired by either stating their intentions to leave in order to gain permission from their company to leave or leaving without the permission to do so.