Modern Boy

  • Plot

    Set against the backdrop of the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1937, Modern Boy tells the story of Lee Hae-Myeong (Park Hae-Il), a government general who falls in love at first sight with the mysterious Jo Nan-Shil (Kim Hye-Soo) after watching her dance at a speakeasy cabaret with best friend Shunsuke (Kim Nam-Gil). Through sheer persistence, Hae-Myeong finally begins a passionate romance with Nan-Shil, but their union doesn't last for long when a package she hands him explodes inside a government building and disappears without a trace after stealing all of the valuables from Hae-Myeong's house. Still infatuated with the mysterious femme fatale, Hae-Myeong discovers the numerous identities she has lived under as well as the long list of suitors she has had in her life. Knowing that the further he pursues Nan-Shil, the deeper he will go into the rabbit hole, Hae-Myeong pushes on to find out what her true identity is.