Yena (IZ*One)

  • Choi Yena is born in Gil-Dong, Gangdong, South Korea. She is the Main Rapper, Lead Dancer and Lead Vocalist of IZ*One.

    She had lymphoma, a form of cancer, as a child and survived. She is cured now.

    I. 2018 : Produce 48 and debut

    In 2018, she participated in the MNET's Produce 48. In the finale episode, she would rank 4th, letting her debut in IZ*One.

    II. Frivolities

    - She attended Hanlim Multi Art School

    - She's a former Polaris Entertainment trainee

    - She trained 2 years and 3 months under Yuehua Entertainment

    - Her official color is Yellow

    - Her older brother is Sungmin of SPEED

    - She attented Joy Dance Academy, where she majored in Hip Hop

    - Her talent is playing claw machines

    - She has a dog

    - Her charm points is her lips

    - She is IZ*One's happy virus

    - She went to the same school as Hyewon

    - Her favorite ice cream flavors are strawberry and chocolate

    - She looks like a duck

    - Her hobbies are reading books and watching movies

    - She is a fan of Bora from Sistar

    - Her parents didn't want her to become an idol because her brother's group didn't do well