May (NeonPunch)

  • Stage Name: MAY
    Birth Name: Jeong Chaeyoung

    Group: NeonPunch (Former Member)
    Position: Lead Vocalist

    Birthday: July 27, 2001

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    Blood Type: AB

    II. May Facts

    – She was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
    – She has an older brother and an older sister.
    – Her hobby is playing the guitar.
    – Specialty: Vocal impression of Karaoke Echoing sound
    – May always has the biggest and unusual reactions
    – A secret: she knows 3 secs before her stomach rumbles.
    – Her favorite food is Bibimbap.
    – She has moles on her ear and her lip
    – She has a honey voice (ARIRANG K-POP)
    – She can mimic Mario’s jumping sound with her nose
    – She wants to visit Japan the most (GirlGroup Zone)
    – She would swap positions with Dayeon because she likes her singing part in their debut song ‘Moonlight’. She says it sounds really good to her (GirlGroup Zone)
    – She thinks she’s the slowest member at learning choreography (GirlGroup Zone)
    – She wants to try a dark concept with a nice mood (GirlGroup Zone)
    – She wants to appear on Knowing Brothers because it’s her style (GirlGroup Zone)
    – If she was stranded on an island, she would have Baekah with her because she always takes good care of her (GirlGroup Zone)
    - Her role model is Sunmi.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)