Takebe Yuzuna

  • Birth Name: Takebe Yuzuna

    Group: E-Girls

    Unit: Sudannayuzuyully

    Position: Singer, performer
    Birthday: June 17, 1998

    Zodiac sign: Gemini

    Blood Type: O

    II. Takebe Yuzuna Facts

    – In 2011, she participated of the EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~ in the vocal section and successfully passed the audition. She was part of the non-debuted group “bunny” as a vocalist
    – On August 23 2012, she was announced as a member of E-girls
    – On January 25 2015, she got moved from E-girls and returned to training period as part of trainee group “Rabbits”
    – On December 15, 2015, she was re-added as a member of E-girls
    – On November 9 2016, she joined the unit Sudannayuzuyully as a vocalist