• Stage Name: Raon
    Birth Name: Lee Seo Young

    Group: ANS
    Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Birthday: January 21, 2000

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    Blood Type: B

    II. Raon Facts

    – She was added to the group on August 25th, 2019.
    - She is a former trainee of ALL-S Company and was supposed to be a member of ALL-S Girls
    – Raon’s nicknames are “Rapunzel” and “fairy”.
    – She is a french fries expert (she loves McDonald’s french fries).
    – She can bend her right pinky all the way back.
    – She can also bend her other fingers.
    – She can shorten her thumb.
    – Her shoe size is 250mm.
    – Her MBTI type is ISFP.
    – One of her charms is her dancing.
    – Raon’s role model is Sunmi.