A New Leaf

  • I. Synopsis

    Kim Seok-joo is a hotshot corporate lawyer; he is cold, successful, and a heartless shark at his job. But after he gets into an accident, Seok-joo is diagnosed with amnesia. The memory loss motivates him to discover who he really is and turn over a new leaf. While trying to recover his memory and identity, the man who in the past did not mind playing foul to succeed gets the chance to look at life, people and society from a completely different point of view. But this personality change puts him at odds with his law firm, and Seok-joo finds himself going up against his colleagues as he wages a righteous battle against social ills.

    II. Trailer

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    III. Main Cast

    Actor Role
    Kim Myung-min Kim Seok-joo
    Park Min-young Lee Ji-yoon
    Kim Sang-joong Cha Young-woo

    IV. Staff

    Director Oh Hyun Jong
    Park Jae Bum
    Screenwriter Choi Hee Ra

    V. Awards

    Year Award Category Recipient
    2014 33rd MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Kim Sang-joong