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  • Will you be a bridesmaid for Nighty's and my wedding? :pepelove1:

  • AYYY

    we're both selfmate!


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    • are you not planning to change your rank? :eyes:

      But yes it very hard to reach this level :pepe-flirt:

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    • I've already did it was originally Once Cult Maknae but since my guildies were pointing out the fact that I wasn't the guild maknae anymore I decided to ask to change it and selfmate thought it would be cool if I had a title like that and I thought it'd be cool too ^^

      Yeah LMAO

      I also noticed that we're both on the leaderboard for "most active members" I'm number three for some reason :oops:


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    • ooh i remember that rank! It was cute

      Are you keeping the once guild alive to be at the very top :eyes:

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    • Thank you! I'm also not planning on keeping this selfmate one forever. Either I'm going to wait until I get to 100K or change it very soon.

      LMAO I'm not trying to be at the top, the gap is very large between selfmate and everyone else. Maybe I can get him while he's sleeping because he goes to bed when it's morning for me.

      It's more because I like to be everywhere or try to be. I just now discovered I was up there...

      I can't believe I'm higher than you and Kireta though! You guys are EVERYWHERE it seems! I also love how you guys are so active and loyal to your guilds <3 <3 <3

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    • omg im getting a title change as soon as im rich enough lool

      Rooting for you to become the #1 with most points so get him in his sleep :cutes:

      Omg i never get out of our guild usually lol the guild is active so its easy to gain points especially since we are generous with the reactions! Which also contribute to raising your points ~

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  • why is today full of surprises bish u didn't tell me :eyes:

    Also come to insta bc WELL U KNOW

  • :mads::mads::crys::pepecry::pepecry:

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  • :eyes:

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    • i had to rub my eyes for a minute to confirm iM NOT HALLUCINATING

      NOTIFS FROM THE JOY :pepe-excited:

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    • STOPHSJSJ, the way you and Maple have been gassing me up recently has contributed to my ego inflating to the size of a hot air balloon ;( I've been thinking way too highly of myself lately, fff.

      But, yes, it is I - the elusive Gravity supremacist giraffe.png

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    • Because we miss you helloo and you should always think highly of yourself giraffe.png

      Today is full of surprises but at least this one is a pleasnt one for a change ;( how have you been!

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    • Look at you getting all cheesy on me (and here I was thinking I was the biggest sap out of the three of us, lmfaoo) 🥺 I missed y'all, too, though, frfr.

      Ugh, don't remind me : (( Real sad girl shit.

      I've been really busy with school lately, which is why I've been MIA, but I promise I'm going to start being more active on here within the next couple of weeks ;( How have you been, girlie?

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    • this happens occasionally you still have the biggest sap title dw :eyes:

      Ugh it's hard being a bg stan. Would not recommend

      In such times im glad to know its just school workload thats making you go MIA. You focus on that and good luck with it!

      I have been having shitty days lately because of the flu but other than that is going ok

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  • good luck opening our dms :")

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    • We've had have worse before that one was nothing :oks:

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    • IT ZOOMED IN NOW :mooning:

      wait till i get my hands on the on where hes smiling hehe that was the killer scene

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    • even better :moneyk:

      ohh maybe that smiling one is the next dp, but let's stay with this one first since it's this beautiful

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    • I cant promise anything hehe i will be changing my dp at any given chance these days :flying:

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  • i love the new dp :peperain:

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  • thanks for the follow :blowing-kiss::cutes:

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  • Fluff can I post a NCT Dream song in the Baekhyun battle thread bc it has the word young in the lyrics or will I get banned from the thread :eyes:

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  • im floored what is this new dp, remove it :"), first it was just ur sig but now i have to be ok looking at that dp too ? BISH YOU WENT TOO FAR

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  • whats exos worst song iyo :pepegrin:

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  • Hey can u add me to baekhyun taglist :claps: I dont want to miss rounds

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    • Ooh the taglist im using is actually the exol one sksnso but yes i will mention you from now on <3

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  • gimme akorns plz

    fearless moonbeam — B and his bunny hat ❤️🐰// weareone.exo IG 181112

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  • Yo fluff!

    x-tra wants to vote for Beautiful and Addicted, don't forget to include her votes :lover3:

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  • happy bday bish, don't cause trouble today just bc im not with u ok

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  • Happy Birthday! <3<3<3

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  • Kingdom voting is ending in two hours !!! where are u

  • TBZ BADGE !!!11!!!!

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    • You can get the first badge for free! I can buy you the sunwoo one tho~

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    • ofjejskskd did i mention ily fluffy ??????? :borahae: Litc said they stopped the first badge for free thing :(..

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    • stingy hoes eye-

      Its ok i will help you buy dont worry <3

      Ily 2 ♡

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    • JDJSJSJSJS stop we don't want u to get another warning point

      Ofc u will hehe ♡ thank u brofu for helping i need to flaunt my deobi self everywhere is why:borahae:

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      i will send you the akorns and you buy since i dont think i can buy badges for others. How much do i send? :pepe-excited:

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  • pleeeeeease :borahae::pepeflushed:

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  • buy me a tbz badge pleeeease~

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  • We are twins :pepe-devil:

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  • Bro where have you been


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    • Been through some bad days smh needed a small break to reboot !

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    • Are you ok? When you want to talk we are here

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    • yes im good dw <3 I basically just shut down for a little when it feels too much but thank you rain <3

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  • Beep Beep i came to get you from here fluffy not u ignoring me for two days *how did u survive without me when i went for more smh life is difficult when we don't fight at least once a day* ily :pepe-comfy:

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    • it was just yesterday since this day hasn't ended yet *nervous*

      Me running to to insta as soon as i reply here 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

      Ily2 ;(

    • Lmao oh...


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  • OH i didnt know you were here too

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    • wc wc bromy :pepe-excited:

    • ohwhwhwh ty <3 the emote is so cute otteuke, ig the new forums is nice after all :teeheek:

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    • *likes your comment in my head since i cant do it on here*

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    • yes you can still like here comments sjsjsj you really moving like a newbie :pepe-hehe:

      Yess love the pepe reactions we got here :pepe-excited:

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    • oh.... my phone is new to this site, blame the phone ok miss a star list :?:

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  • That forum break was rather short, Miss Fluffy. :giraffe:

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    • But baekhyun dropped a new album what was i supposed to do giraffe.png

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    • also where is your album review giraffe.png

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    • I should have known you would revert back to your old ways in a matter of time giraffe.png

      I didn't know an album review was expected of me swan.gif I will be sure to write you a soliloquy as to why Messiahyun has once again raised the bar for every Korean solo act in existence.

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    • Dont call me out like this smh smh

      Baekhyun drops an album of life and miss fantasy my fellow hardcore baek stan is telling me she didnt expect to be asked for her take on it giraffe.png

      I be waiting for it

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    • Oop, you got me there, Fluff giraffe.png Let me get to work straight away.

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  • Fluff <3

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  • Brooo we're waiting for you to join us on akp <3 Especially for baekhyun's japanese album coming on the 20th!!

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    • hii you are here already yesss ♡♡♡ and yes you know i wouldnt have missed it!

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    • yesss our baek president is here!!! Come and join us in the exotics guild ;)

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    • shsosbsosjso PLEASE ♡♡ i was trying to donne my baek stan attire but moved like i just discovered technology lmfao anyway i was just about to click on the guild ~

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