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  • you dp!! :love:

    • My dpp :blowing-kiss: ur username color is so pretty btw :blushing:

    • Yes wonho>>>>>>

      Thank you, all thanks to @Ves :lover1:

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  • :shake-it:

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  • this wall... hmm this wall belongs to a senior citizen unnie :love::love: so glad you play with me unlike the rest of these fakes :cursing::cursing: but thank you senior citizen noona :love::love:<3<3 #1 in my heart

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    • Since when im a senior citizen :cursing: im only a year or two older than u :mad: awhh :love: thank u :* ur no.1 in my heart too <3

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  • you like cats a little too much </3

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  • are you a senior or junior kpopper :eyes:

    • 🤣im only 19 but my username is seniorkpopper cause i got into kpop earlier than most people :-P i want to change my username tho its corny :confused: and sucks :thumbdown:

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    • lmaoo it's better than my username though :teeheek:

      what year did you get into kpop btw?

    • why on earth would u name ur username lmfaooo🤣2008,at that time i was 7

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    • idk i wanted to join but i couldn't think of a username lmaooo

      and ooh yeah that is quite early lmaoo

      I was 2 when you got into kpop :pepe-hehe:

    • u suit the name tho🤣u keep reacting with 'lol' every time😂

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  • 2nd comment on on your wall by the real legend

  • First comment on your wall by The Legend himself. You should feel honored.

    • Noooo || the first comment on my wall is by the notorious troll Drew ;(

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    • I'll delete it for 100 akorns.

    • have u seen my akorn??im literally poor :confused:

    • Oh wow. You are broke lol. Nevermind then.

    • ^^ ur akorns are not that much different from mine,,ur broke too :rolleyes1:

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