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    First person who always comes to mind when that question comes up is Tom Hanks.

    I thibk for most people Tom Hanks and Forrest Gump always kimda morph together xD

    Generally its mostly just actors and actresses and the older folks at that.

    Singers on the other hand often dont have the same kind of undisputed love and acclaim as actors. Often singers have a higher peak than any actor or actress but are also way more disliked by many people.

    I cant pinpoint why exactly but actors are always more respected as a whole and have way less haters.

    I just googled the most European question ever: difference walmart and target and this is what came up

    Want something that’s cheaply made, will last a year and cheap – but is trendy, with strong colors and flair? Go to Target. Want something that’s cheaply made, will last a month and cheap – with weak colors that say, “I am poor”? Go to Walmart.

    I almost died LMFAO

    i didn't pull after i got yanfei, don't want to waste more primo, i try to save for eula too

    Yanfei is so fun to play, i didn't expect to like her gameplay so much, but she's a good dps imo

    Definitely good value for a 4 star. I dont want Eula so I did like 5 more singles but thats when I didnt get anything worthwhile anymore (aka Noelle lmao rip)

    Hope youre gonna get Eula

    I am asexual!

    What about you if you are comfortable sharing? :)

    Not to sound offensive but I hate it. My dating pool is practically non-existing. There are many fish in the sea but not for me :waterr:

    started a few months ago and been slightly obsessed, thankfully it's calming down for me.

    I main Keqing/Razor (2 electro - lmao, what is meta? )

    I've had bad luck with 5 stars, hard pity only - i have Keqing, Venti and a random Qiqi. Waiting on the Zhongli rerun and praying to all deities for a Diluc. :waterr:

    Ahhhh yes Im waiting for daddy Zhongli too :waterr:

    If I lose dat 50/50 Im gonna jump from a bride I sweeaaar.

    Keqing from her banner or nah?

    Yeah, for me both are stupid but I won’t say that I hate her or something since in the end I do not know her and her actions are not making me suffer more. When I criticize public people, I usually only mean their actions and not them personally. To attack someone you do not know personally is stupid as hell

    In my opinion thats impossible to do. An action only exists in connection with the person who made the action happen. It cant exist on its own because an action cant just make itself happen out of thin air. Also every action would look different if another person did it, no matter how little the difference is.

    Ted Bundys murders can only exist in connection with him and can only be condemned in connection with him. Everything else would simply not make sense.

    Also if something is proven to be true, I can still criticize what was done without knowing that person. I dont need to know Ted Bundy or the police officer who killed George Floyd to criticize them and their actions and deem them unmoral.

    Otherwise the judical system as a whole wouldnt even work. Judges, attorneys and lawyers rarely know the people they put in jail because they are almost never victims. Still they put people and not actions behind bars, because how would you even convivt an action?

    If this is all true then the sddest thing I see coming is that some people will definitely find excuses for her. If you ask me, thats the most fucked ip part.

    What I learned with the Irene scandal, with all those post bullying scandals, etc. is that some people will simply always be on rhe side of someone who is good looking. That's how simple it seems to be. Yeah...

    And rhe sscod staff is like, "can you call yourself a staff infront of me" and one sentence later "I have come to the realization that I have worked with that person". What???

    Notice how in every comment you attacked me by calling me names..that's very decent of you.. I'm not trying to pass off any excuse..every situation is different and should be judge accordingly..

    .anyways good bye and have a good day. I'll be blocking you. fyi: I too suffered from mental and physical abuse....

    You said goodbye, I said goodbye and that was enough for our short conversation. I wont even read this one anymore.

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    Is mafia a new trend in korea?

    Vincenzo and now itzy doing something mafia like or something?