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    I believe they are working on an MMORPG rn :melon_think:

    Riot teases a League-based RPG, code named "Project F"
    The goal of this project is to allow players to explore "the world of Runeterra with friends."

    MMO Recruiting

    Maybe it'll be done in 2030 :melon_think:

    it's so wholesome :pleading: haha. i immediately feel the need to want to protect them. wish all experiences can be like that :(

    yeah but why are they so rare ;( I have met a few in-game who are on my friends list now but doesn't happen often...

    I see... that doesn't really sound fun to me lmao. i'll leave the ganking for someone else... but I stole some before and felt awesome. oh it took u 2 years? aw man :pepecry:there's still so much I don't even know. and I still feel kind of useless when I have bad games. I know they say to re-watch them to see what went wrong and what you could change... but it's so cringe sometimes :pepe-peek: I've been trying to watch good neeko streamers to see how they play and what to incorporate in my games with her

    The few ppl that I added on friends list barely come online nowadays :pepecute:

    Do u prefer playing a farming poke teamfighting champ? :melon_think: Ya 2 years, u don't have to play everyday, but just gradual improvement is good

    Watching streamers is a great way to learn, i'd never watch my replays bc i cringe at them too.. :pepe-peek:

    that generalization is annoying. can they at least come up with something new? it makes me so happy when i'm playing a multiplayer game and there's another woman on my team. and no, it is not okay... it shouldn't be okay :( but tbh it feels like this is something that will never really change because it's so normalized huh...

    calm players are nice to play with lately with the current state of league haha.

    oh I see, never thought to use her to gank. that is smart. but knowing me... i'd mess that up somehow haha. hmm now that you put it that way, i think you're right :/ I do want to improve, but it takes a lot of patience too (which isn't easy for me)

    Omg same, I feel so happy when I see a fellow female online. Yeah it's not ok, but it's gonna be a while til things change. :sadface:

    Calm players are such a blessing to be with, they barely tilt, take the time to explain things to new players & just feel more approachable

    Ya u have to gank with her bc her abilities are close-ranged. Her passive damage is pretty incredible in teamfights. Ya u just have to practice, it took me about 2 years to fully click w/ it

    it would def be cool to have that :( because we understand each other's experiences and tbh it would probably be safer as well. sadly teams created by women are still facing hate.. I feel like this about a lot of things though, not just gaming... I guess that is also why it's easier for me to get close w other women bc I feel more comfortable

    just 1 is sad... we can't even get some guys to stand by us I notice... it shouldn't be such a rare thing but I guess they rather give their bros the benefit of the doubt

    Lissandra... I don't understand how to play her correctly haha. I like her icy abilities though. I might play some games today, hopefully it goes better today haha. sometimes I wonder why I still play though, makes me question things

    I know the gaming community thinks that girls just play games for the clout (e-girls/thots). Might be a stereotype against women and it doesn't give us the same opportunities that they have. But it's ok, that's life I guess.

    Ya just 1 lmao. He was actually the only one who was calm and didn't go apeshit when he died from a gank.

    Lissandra is kinda like a lockdown ambusher, but has a little bit of poke & kite w/ her Q. Use her E to gank bot or top lane & help get those lanes fed. Haha that prob means that u have the passion to improve. <3

    really? wow that is upsetting :( it's already hard enough for women in gaming... sad that your coach was acting like that. were you able to report him or anything? sigh i'm sorry you had to experience that, this is why I like to see women owned teams too because it feels like some treat the problems we face in gaming like it doesn't exist to others... then when they hear the issues we face, they still have the nerve to be sexist. then later on they complain about why more women aren't into gaming... its almost as if they don't feel welcome!

    tbh its for the best that you aren't apart of it anymore... i feel like a team can't really succeed if the chemistry is off too and there are other problems like that :/

    what would you say is the best champ to play in the ultimate spellbook mode?

    Unfortunately, no I wasn't able to report them bc the club organization was kinda small. I would definitely love to see a women owned gaming organization, I'd feel much more welcomed and less afraid.

    Yeah, there was only 1 guy on the team who wasn't toxic.

    I just play whoever I feel like on ultimate spellbook tbh. But I've been having quite a bit of success with Lissandra :melon_think: