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    Yes, it is an issue for me when they're putting down everyone else to propel BTS. And then turn around and cry and play the victim when others don't do the same.

    There it is... what has you so pressed! :eyes:

    BTS do not need any "propelling"! The whole kpop industry, added, is not equal to BTS. The companies know it, when they used only BTS... the govt know it, when they awarded BTS with Culture Merit and made the "BTS law". This is not ARMYs "putting down eyeryone else"... but facts reflected by everyone.

    Now the companies crying about the criteria being too tough is super ironical... when they were the ones who used BTS' achievements as bargaining chips in the first place.

    And you can keep throwing a jealous tantrum, just like them, adios! :*

    Exactly. I dont know why blinks insist on putting them with BTS when they have another bg closer to their level. And by blink logic they even surpassed all their achievements, since they charted both on bubbling under and BB200 with their debut. And the privilege of big3 clearly doesnt count.

    Lmao... Both from big 3, both signed under a big US label, breaking eachother's reacords! Match made in heaven!

    Superm is the top player now I guess, out of the two! 8|

    The lack of self awareness is outstanding.

    Here is a group who solely built a company on the brink of bankruptcy to a giant global player . But kpoppies are gonna smh weaponize the years of struggle to get where they are against them and hail their privileged faves that got it quicker and easier by the sheer fact of them being big3 with all the resources but also BECAUSE of BTS's contributions to the global kpop landscape. Shameless !

    But but... not every big 3 group got the same success! So this definitely means big 3 privilege doesn't exist. </3

    (Nevermind that BTS was the first group to get a daesang, outside of big3)

    And because BTS took years to become bigger than the whole of kpop combined, but still made it grow... nugu??

    Your rants lack sense... I asked you a simple question, guess have to break it down for your lack of cognitive abilities. Here we go!

    1) SM wants profits.

    2) Overworks and legally abuse artists till they collapse or leave.

    3) SM gets money.

    This should be acceptable to you and even appreciated because company's goals are met and that's what companies should do. But here you are, calling SM a "trash can".

    You are the one stanning companies when you decided to justify their actions against how BTS and their company themselves have addressed the same issue.

    No ARMY asked "why" when we have the whole history of kpop infront of us.

    ARMY laughing, mocking, feeling disgust and getting amused... that out of all 26 companies (including the big 3), there is not even a single artist successful enough to raise the issue of postponement... should not be an issue to you.

    But here you are stanning companies and defending them! :clown:

    What the hell are you even saying? Artists are gadgets? You live life like that?

    Then I guess as an exol you were also happy and satisfied that SM has a history of abusing their artists till they take legal actions against them or suffer silently? Even slave contracts should be reestablished? Because apparently kpop companies doing immoral things to artists is acceptable and justified?

    Person 5: I got vaccinated. Peak Comedy.

    Parody can be done without racist connotations. The fact that you are even the subject of a parody show's your relevance in that country for people to "get it". But looking at the transcript you can see why it raised an eyebrow and i'll be damned if I dismiss an Asian persons feeling about this and tell them its only a joke if they find it offensive.

    People on this thread make me sick gattt damnnn.

    The mockery of language, names and Covid jokes all in one. And yeah the most 'funny' one of calling every Korean, Kim Jong Un. :rolleyes1:

    Most of the Chilean army's are girls under 20 years old, that's why they are hateful, in the country nobody takes them seriously, and thanks to them many people make fun of BTS (girl, they are a boygroup aimed at women of 12- 22 years old, they receive the same treatment as Bieber and 1d)

    You didn't tell me your gender and race. You are a non-Asian, Chilean male, right?

    I don't give a shit about the show, but it bothers me that a group of idiotic girls want to censor something that is not even racist, it is a parody, they did not make a hateful comment or something like that at any time

    Idiotic girls! My God... tell me your gender please. There are Asian people who think this is racist, are you Asian to speak over them?

    In the Chilean news sites no one is taking the crying armys seriously, what's more, most of the people are calling them "crying girls", and they laugh at them, in the end, they are just a group that makes noise in twitter

    Obviously, racist people in media who aired this programme would not think racism is wrong... with a healthy dash of misogyny as well.

    You made exactly zero points but showed your stance perfectly! :pepe-toast:

    Armies can be mad all they want, they just shouldn't play dumb and make idiotic claims (but then again that is 90% of fandom members' lifeblood so...) ;-)

    But that was your whole rant... filled with idiotic claims!

    About how fans of an artist should not be mad that 26 companies in kpop made their faves punching bag of whole Korea for their own gains for multiple years. Just because their own artists are nowhere near the level of BTS and couldn't be used as a bargaining chip.

    Min Yoongi, Jin and BH itself addressed, debunked and showed dislike for this underhanded behaviour which made them a target of hate they didn't ask for. But yeah... the artists and fans are idiots and you are the reincarnation of Einstein.

    Yeah, Im also an Olivia Rodrigo stan by this logic :cryingr:

    Something that hasnt been mentioned yet, is that it was much easier for kpop artists to chart in 2017 and 2018. It was before free streams were downweighted, before ad streams and other machinations were filtered out and before logged out views and UGC streams were removed. Since kpop acts do get most of their streams on YT, this has made it much, much harder to chart, since Youtube has been nerfed so much.

    Lmao, that driving license girl? I haven't even listened to the song yet.

    Oh, so before it was easier to chart on official charts because of (any type of) yt streams, just like it was easier to chart on bb200 with bundles?

    But even now BTS potentially charting songs in three different languages and multiple bsides with no playlisting... on hot 100 itself! Daym! :pepe-smug: