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    Arguing is one thing, but suggesting to block people who just write 'I'm disappointed ' is quite another. Sorry. We've both argued with each other before. I think we had an debate just last week. We both shared our thoughts with each other and no one got hurt. Nobody blocked each other. A grown and mature person does this in a place called a forum.

    A: You can always unblock users after, whenever you want to.

    B: I have actually never blocked someone over merely showing their disappointment with kpop... but have done for persistent hateful/trollish, racist, sexist, xenophobic and Islamophobic comments to name a few.

    But reading through akp these past few days I am tempted to temporarily block some people for my own positive comeback experience, I am not telling them to stop ranting.


    But this recommendation is not for bilateral discussions as you say. This person suggests blocking any negative comments or criticism they see without arguing with them. She suggests that those people do the same. This is very different from what you said. As y'all already worried about, this will only reduce the forum activity even further. Forums exist for all positive and negative thoughts to come together and exchange ideas. I really don't understand how you could think that this suggestion fits the forum culture?

    I am not sure I quite understand.. you want people to care more for forum activity and not their own experience? I have already used the block feature in akp as well as twitter for my positive experience multiple times... to hell with the site egagements.

    If people don't want to argue then that's completely fine and should even be encouraged, especially when both parties hold opposite views and will not budge.

    I am so sorry I am not particularly disturbed over BTS only releasing three new songs, and I don't want to read how I am a company stan for that. And as I would rather read and interact with hyped threads and comments only, I will use the block feature if needed... you can use it too.

    I would be honest, you said a whole lot of... nothing. YOU are reducing everything to fanwars when ARMYs are not even the ones bring up the issue or starting the discussions.

    And when they see kpop fans painting their faves as manly heroes for going to military and BTS less so and how BTS doesn't deserve it. Isn't it common sense to show them how the compaines of other acts used BTS and their achievements to get their own artists out of military?

    When ARMY simply spell out what their companies clearly showed, we are the bad guys? Because we showed how male kpop idols would not even want to go and how kpop companies think BTS deserve exemption?



    No matter how much their fragile male ego cries out... at the end of the day BTS still has seven sensitive, successful, lovable and charismatic individulas and artists who have each others' backs. So who won?

    Military exemption or no... they can't take this away from them. And they still the most successul Korean brand outside of certain companies like samsung etc.


    And like them, most of the knetz protesting this are males of military age whose argument is: "Well if I have/had to go, you should too!" It ain't because they WANT to go. Taking away conscription shows us how many men would actually voluntarily go. It is very much about BTS IS NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH AND HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING GREAT ENOUGH TO PLACATE ME!!! LET ME YELL SOME MORE ABOUT HOW UNFAIR IT IS TO ME AND TRASH BTS CAUSE THEY ARE THE CONVENIENT FACE AND I NEED SOMEONE TO BE MAD AT!!!!!!!!!

    And they the same men who gave Mr. Son his exemption and remained silent for thousands of others each year. Why because 'they' believe the soccer player is more deserving.

    And when you ask them how and why? The answers they give show as if he doesn't earn any money for personal use and gives it all to charity and is the shining example of Korean pride... oh sorry Korean men's pride. We all know why they crying over BTS, out of all the cases, don't we. :joy: :)

    I have no idea how kpop fans here and everywhere can even open their mouths to spew bs about how their faves went to military when they even had to drag themselves or how BTS is not man enough.

    The comapnies of same idols are frothing at mouth for a chance of their idols not enlisting. If they had the way your faves would not even go. They not macho man for going they just have no other option. It was not a choice, karen... they were forced to go like every one else.

    And baby, if your faves went even after having genuine reasons not to go, just for the fear of public backlash... that's a failure of a system and society. They a victim, not martyrs and heroes.

    You trying so hard to be pro-military of a foreign nation just makes you look like fools. No one in Korea would want to go if they had the choice. Why? Because those men are treated like shit in military!

    For years most ARMYs, especially on akp and even twitter ones remained silent about all the talks regarding enlistment... because as non Koreans it wasn't our place.

    But if the kmedia, k companies, k fans and knetz are starting a smear campaign against BTS... then after trying to ignore the negativity of past years don't expect ARMYs to remain silent and sing kumbaya. That's just idiotic.

    No ARMY started the enlistment discussion here recently, till it was constantly brought up by literal obsessed little negative nancies.

    I'm talking about fans complaining that the proposed criteria isn't selective enough and that it has to be something so exclusive that only BTS could ever have it. These people are also making this bill to be about BTS only. I would understand if their worry was that the bill would not pass in its current format, but they're opposing it solely for the fact that someone else could benefit from it. I actually think BTS deserves an exemption, but the entitled behaviour makes me unsympathetic.

    What makes ARMY unsympathetic towards all other kpop groups is that most kpop companies, including the big 3 used BTS' image and their achievements to start and further the conversations. Resulting in BTS getting all the negativity on every end for years now.

    So excuse me if we just parrot the companies who themselves showed that only BTS is worth exemting by making it all about them. The companies then crying about too high criterias... why not highlight your acts then. And kpop fans of those groups and companies... why expect ARMY to just go along with it all smiles?

    They don't understand the conditional nature of the phrase "if and when" . They repeat, "Didn't they say they wanted to go?" No, they said they'd go IF AND WHEN called. They haven't been called to go by the government, so the condition has not been met.

    I can't believe adult human beings including the OP, user kimmer and certain knetz are going through life without understanding simple language. :wellr:

    Will they though? Because it seems that they're waiting/anticipating for the exemption to pass.

    No, they are waiting for a decision to be made, so that they can plan for their future accordingly.

    That's what grown people do... make plans for their future. Not obsessively invested in others', unlike some.

    They will serve if and when called upon or you think they would run away from Korea? Are you fine?

    From 2015-2019, almost 73 thousand men have done alternate service due to different reasons. 73,000 in five years, do with the information what you will, the following thread is an interesting read:




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    This still going on?? So the question here is are mods, specifically ARMY mods, aren't allowed to have their own opinions regarding anything that is not rainbows and sunshines?

    Why do an ARMY mod have to take the high road when they were not even targetting a specific individual but fandoms in general. Just to fill in the blanks and put things in perspective that OP left out?

    They are apparently instigating and thriving in toxicity if they participate in discussions and try to answer how something is not only one fandoms' fault but a chain reaction?

    Interesting! Should kpop fans stop stanning the groups they stan and stop talking about their fandoms after they become mods at