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    Hmm. Try reading that paragraph again ya? Who said it was ok to say derogatory words directly to women? People don't say racist sh*t in Harlem because it's dumb af and inconsiderate. Which is exactly why Jae saying this sh*t in public was dumb af and inconsiderate. If you think I'm trying to defend Jae then you're sadly mistaken lol. People have a right to be angry at his words. I could care less if this guy gets cancelled or not. I'm just explaining what happens in real life, with real guys. If you don't think 80% of male idols say stupid things when they're alone with other guys then you probably don't know men that well. The main takeaway is that only a small chunk of those 80% are actually truly awful scumbag human beings. But you're free to believe whatever you want really.

    I do wonder what it is about racist and sexist remarks that make them the height of hilarity, even in private. Humor is highly influenced by culture and upbringing. That's why jokes are so hard to translate and "get" for a foreigner. So I wonder if men in general like racist and sexist humor and see it as harmless in private or if it's just certain societies or subsets of societies.

    Anyway, I think that you might be surprised by how the people you're joking with really feel deep down even if you think they don't really mean it.

    No idea really. Why do a lot of little kids laugh when people say "butt"? I think it has something to do with saying something that people tell you that you shouldn't say. Like some sort of guilty little pleasure. But who knows. I'm no psychologist.

    You'd be surprised at the crazy little things that might pop up in the deep recesses of people's minds if you look deep enough. Animalistic urges and the human pysche can get real messy. If we could read and judge people by their deep thoughts and feelings then we'd probably have to cancel everybody in existence lol. But most people learn to suppress these thoughts and feelings because they develop moral compasses that tells them that it's wrong. So just as long as their moral compasses are working and people don't act on these negative feelings, then what they're feeling deep down doesn't really bother me and is none of my business. I really only judge people on their actions and how they live their life. Nothing else.

    Just some thoughts from an Outsider's perspective:

    I don't know anything about Jae or Day6 but I watched some of the initial controversial video and this apology video out of curiosity. One thing I have to give the guy credit for is that this video doesn't seem like the pre-planned apology BS written by legal suites that you find in kpop. It seems genuine: Whatever he's saying is probably what he feels at the moment. Nobody would be struggling this much getting words out if they had planned to regurgitate some sort of apology script in their head.

    And maybe some people don't know this but guys sometimes say dumb, racist, and sexist sh*t when we're around other guy friends but we don't really mean them or take them seriously. It's more like the absurdity of it is what we find hilarious. Basically, it's the same energy as a 10-year-old boy laughing hysterically at the word "boobie". Is it childish and immature? Sure. But tbh, there's a LOT of adults out there that still feel like kids inside just pretending to be adults. Lawyers, surgeons, business owners.....I've met many of these man-childs. Most of them though are still generally good people at heart.

    But the thing is most of us know NOT to say these jokes in public or outside of our little male friend circles. Words can be harmless when they're not heard but can be harmful when they are. Jae's problem is that he was stupid and immature enough to forget this and say the joke in a public forum. He was probably in a head-space where he thought he was just hanging out and chatting with a couple of online buddies. There's really no excuse for his lack of awareness and stupidity, and lack of understanding about how certain words can hurt and damage others.

    Now I've actually met truly misogynistic guys. Real scum that don't really see women as thinking, feeling people but more as just toys to take advantage of and play with. I don't really know this Jae guy personally but I just really don't get that kind of vibe coming from him from what I've seen. I'd say he's probably more just an idiot that needs to be more considerate and self-aware about things. He's probably redeemable.

    i won't trust anything that spreads on the internet until HYBE themselves confirm the line-up. I'm not even convinced that the gg will have sakura and chaewon for sure.

    Remember how sure everyone was that Lami will debut in smngg just for her to drop out in the final moments.

    Anything can happen

    But why would HYBE bother to separate them or not debut them? They bought out their contracts for a reason. Companies don't spend money just for fun. And there's no advantage to separating them at all: It'll just annoy ex-Wiz*Ones and thats it.

    Also all of those news articles talking about them joining Source didn't just come out of thin air. Sakura came back to Korea for a reason. I'm 100% convinced that HYBE leaked all that info for media play and to let fans have an idea of why both of them suddenly disappear from the public at the same time. Imagine how crazy fans would have gotten if they had just randomly went MIA? They'd be calling the police or something lol.

    The only complaints i've seen from the Wizone fandom in general are Hitomi/Nako/Hyewon/Sakura stans complaining about lack of lines and Wonyoung/Sakura stans fighting about who should be the center.

    But overall, Wizones were pretty united as far as i could tell. I think you see it in the album sales of every Izone member's solo or group redebuts. 60k, 90k, and 250k sales is pretty damn amazing for four Izone members (Eunbi, Yuri and Ahnyoungz.). Hopefully Yena continues the winning streak. I dont think you see these kinds of numbers with just solo stans of these members, some OT12 fans clearly bought albums.

    We also went through hell with the hiatus. I think that also served to solidify the fandom and quiet some of the individual grumblings. We were just mostly happy we got them back...


    What's interesting is that non-Chinese Wiz*Ones never hard divided ourselves into named individual fanbases. Yeah we had a few akgaes at the start but they got segregated and silenced pretty fast. We just called ourselves Wiz*Ones with biases. OT12 was pretty strong and things were pretty peaceful. The fact that Kep1ians are drawing up battle lines and dividing themselves into Hiyyihlights, Youngwondans, etc is actually a little troubling. It might not seem like a big deal now, but it's not gonna help foster unity. Hopefully you guys don't have a rough 2.5 years ahead of you....

    I didn't follow GP999 (for obvious reasons).

    If I read this correctly, Bahi is kinda like Chowon in PD48, only this time Mnet weren't able to cheat the final rankings to steal positions for their favorites that didn't make it in the voting?

    Chowon was actually well-liked by a lot of people though and had a good storyline during P48. She was also known to be surprisingly good at everything. To this day I still have no idea why Mnet decided to rig her out. Most people would have been happy with her making it. I think Bahi is more like Miyu if she had a bigger fanbase: Disliked by Mnet, with 0 screentime, but with a very loud and dedicated fanbase.