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    Hate to break it to you, but you dont get 1.5/2million views a day for a weeks, and then drop below 400K within 3 days.

    First It didn't go to a 400k average and even now it's still at 550k/ day, and fell to 623k after 3 days

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    Nothing too extreme once both 100M views and record were secured and the dance practice goal was achieved.

    It would help your argument better if you didn't lie and fake the numbers

    And Black Mamba reached 100M on the 7th, then views dropped because we stopped streaming as much, thx for providing the receipts

    It is not analysis, it is pure fact and data, even site say the same.

    No site says they had constant ads lol, it's kinda weird how you wanna try to convince people aespa is the only one where the model would be so deviant from reality.

    When Black Mamba reached 100M they had 2.4M likes which is pretty reasonable

    Meanwhile, when Dalla Dalla reached 100M, it had 1.8M likes while being deemed a better song overall by consensus so likes compared to views should be at least equivalent. Really weird how you wanna make a point from nowhere aespa had more ads than they really got lol

    There is not many group that uses adds after first two weeks, thats why their adds are way more accurate. Everglow for example only used add during first week. They have only 1 week of adds which is extremely easily calculate how many adds they have, because of youtube chart. But Itzy and aespa is using adds after month of their songs have been released. It make it extremely hard calculate how many adds they have been used in reality.

    That's your own analysis out of thin air, it doesn't match what you sent me and you don't know that aespa had constant ads, the argument even by OP was that they had an ad campaign just before reaching 100M

    I guess you only read small part of it and not fully understand how that site works. This is just staying on facts and in the future, if you use that site, you should take these things into account.

    I am not hating anybody here, I just want people understand how that data works once it have been used.

    I read it fully, but the margin of error is the same for everyone and it does say the estimate is conservative but they expect their model to only have at worse a 20% ad variation so I don't get why you single out aespa when the model is the same for everyone and aespa ads percentage is still very reasonable compared to some even bigger groups.

    No other girl group got 2.5m likes in 2 months for a debut

    According to your own comment, the ad variation from the estimation is at worse 20% so at worse 30 millions ads instead of 25 out of 108 millions, just say you hate them lol

    Nct and aespa yt views r highly inflated due to ads. Nct used to never get high yt views before.

    SM seems to have adopted ads just like rest of the industry. Some nugu company groups have even more ads than SM and JYP groups.

    High time they music shows remove the yt criteria. It's unfair to groups who don't use negligible ads.

    I wouldn't say highly inflated for aespa when ads represent around 23% of total views when most other Big3 GGs are around 25%-35% of total views (with a higher total so even more ads) or 60% for G-I dle.

    Aespa only got 958 points of digitals (out of 5500) but 3000 from Youtube

    Exactly after Inkigayo win Aespa daily views dropped about 60-65%, meaning SM have done it purposely for the sake of the win

    This was the week everyone was streaming to both reach 100M to break the record and also get the techwear dance practice, every group gets a big surge around 95M and then drop when 100 is reached. By the time they won on Inkigayo views dropped already