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    That is weird, deadass. I have friends who are trying to get teacher/professor degrees and they're being instructed to always explain the assignments as throughouly as they can to the students. Not sure what your professor has learned.

    I think you should contact people of higher status like the principal or the dean. They can maybe talk the teacher into teaching in a more effective way. I wonder, does your teacher respond to emails? I usually get in contact with my professors that way.

    For my very first assignment from the book, I had to make some calculations and I wanted to know how to make a few of the calculations that I got wrong after I submitted my answers. I emailed her asking her if she can share with the class the answers, showing us how to calculate to get the answer. She never did though and she said she would once everyone has turned in the assignment.

    so you have an Asynchronous where the teacher just give you a video every week and asks you to watch or is it that the teacher didn't even teach at all?

    Yes, the course is asynchronous. Basically, we have access to all of our assignments on blackboard. We are expected to make our discussion board responses by the deadline and have assignments turn in by the due date. There's no recorded videos or lessons for us, no lecture notes, nothing. Everything we do is on our own.

    For this class, our homework is basically the discussion board posting, responding to our classmates, and turning in certain assignments based on the book.

    Hey college students,

    Here is my academic background: This is actually my FIRST semester of being back in school. I haven't been in school since I got my associate degree in 2015, so virtual learning is all new to me and a different experience for me. I'm going for my bachelor's degree as a Junior in Recreation Therapy.

    I was wondering do any of you have an instructor who does not interact with the students? This is for the ONLINE only courses, where no class meetings are held virtually.

    My class is really hard and I am not learning anything at all. It has to do with finance and accounting in hospitality, which I have no basic understanding of. The class is part of my major so of course I have to take it. Basically for this class, the only thing we do is read the book and make sure we understand it. We have assignments and have to respond to our classmates here and there based on the book. However, there are no lessons for me to understand. Plus, my teacher is not interacting with us at all. I am getting a good grade on my assignments, but how do I know if it's the right answer if she doesn't explain the answer to us? The semester is ending, and I am so lost. I am trying to get a good grade but I don't want to put in the effort if she doesn't put in the effort back. My grade is at 90% right now. I hope I am able to keep it. What would you do? Any advice?

    I probably should have informed her about my struggles earlier on, but it's kind of too late now. I just wished she would interact with us more. All of my other instructors do, except for her.

    Who else loves shopping at Target? For some reason ever since COVID-19 pandemic hit, I started going to Target more often. I used to go to Walmart all the time but because of COVID, I stopped going there since too many people shop there. Also my local Target went through a transformation/renovation and now my Target looks so nice and more physically appealing.

    I used to not like shopping at Target because of the prices being too expensive for me, but now it's become one of my favorite places to shop for decoration items, sometimes clothes, and other important stuff I need. The only thing I don't like is whenever I go there, I always see these couples shopping together and it makes me feel LONELY AF lol. I shop alone, so sometimes I can't help but feel jealous. I see people shopping with their family, partner, or friends but I'm always by myself. I don't have friends and all my sisters are away, so I'm the only daughter left. I actually DO prefer shopping alone though, because I won't get too distracted. I shop for my own needs and then leave once I'm done. Having some company would be nice, but I don't have any at the moment. Who else feels the same as I do? :-D

    Do you shop at Target? What are your favorite things to buy there? Who do you shop with when you go there?

    tbh I just don't really care about what they did in middle school. As long as it wasn't something like sexual assault or attempted murder... I believe that most people have the ability to change themselves into better people. Like if we didn't listen to music created by people who have done bad things in their lives then there would be nothing left.

    Same, what they did in the past isn't what I care about. If they realized what they did in the past was wrong and wants to reflect on their past and truly fix their mistakes, then that's definitely okay. With the true definition of bullying, what's not okay is remaining as a bully and thinking that it's okay to bully others.

    Hello everyone,

    Out of curiosity with all the recent bullying articles from so many different idols, what's the most important to YOU as kpop fan? As a kpop fan, what always comes FIRST? The group's music? The group's overall image where they focus on having an innocent image, mature, cute, dark, sexy, etc? The personalities as a group or individual?

    I will say this but as a KPOP FAN, MUSIC ALWAYS COME FIRST TO ME NO MATTER WHAT. If I like their music or the group, it doesn't mean I like their personalities. Their personalities come second. Idols show a certain image to the public that they want OTHERS to see that is probably not their true self. We will never know the idols true personality, but if there are idols who are bullies then I definitely WON'T stan them.

    If an idol was rumored to be a bully or is in fact proven to be a bully, are you going to stop listening to their music and stop being a fan? What stops you from being a fan and stop listening to their music? For example, if a member is rumored and proven to be a bully then I'll stop being a fan of that member but I'll still be a fan of the group they belong to and listen to their music. Or in this case let's use AOA as an example. I've always loved listening to AOA's music and I still like their music to this day. I never liked Jimin though and didn't understand the hype for her, but that doesn't mean I dislike the group. Then it was revealed that Jimin is a bully, so of course I don't like Jimin but I still enjoy the music. AOA has good songs so I'm still going to listen to their music despite how there was bullying involved and bystanders within the group.

    I think it's important to note that you separate the actual group and their music FROM their personalities as much as you can. I'm already left disappointed so many times that I feel like as an old kpop fan, I am thinking about not stanning any particular members or have a bias. Maybe it's even for the best. Maybe it's best to just like the group as a whole and not choose a favorite, but like them all equally. Is it just me?

    What do you think and what are your thoughts?