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    It's still early in the year, let's wait for all these groups to do a promotion first and then make a ranking for 2021.

    And OP stop trolling, what makes aespa the same level as Mamamoo? Also just because (g)i-dle comes back it doesn't mean that they suddenly ahead of Mamamoo.

    At their peak Sistar averaged 20k per album, Mamamoo is reaching 50k every album since 2017, and 100k last comeback


    What I'm saying is Mamamoo already surpassed Sistar whether they renew their contract or not.

    And btw Mamamoo already reached 100k on their last TWO comeback. 127k and 169k.

    I don't think they did as good in charting but their sales is like 10x higher so ithink its pretty equal right now with Mamamoo surely passing them if they continue/renew.

    Not pretty equal. Sistar probably has 1.5-2x better digital sales in SK but Mamamoo has 4x album sales (6x if you consider members' solo sales) and 7-8x concert attendance. Sistar also didn't reach the recognition Mamamoo has right now in China, Japan and US.

    And to answer the question of the OP, yes Mamamoo already surpassed Sistar a year ago or so. I guess physical sales and international recognition only matters when people are talking about their favorite groups lol. And it's not like Mamamoo are nugu in SK, they are pretty much the recognized vocal group of their generation.

    If they haven’t had a #1 song in five years they’re clearly declining. And dingga couldn’t even hit the top 10, it’s a flop

    HIP just charted a whole year and had 100M streaming certification, who cares about #1 song its a huge hit and Dingga reached #8 in 24hits chart so I say you don't know what you're talking about.

    obviously it took 4-5 years for the 3rd gen groups to replace the 2nd gen groups, but it doesn't changes the fact that 3rd gen started in 2012 with debut of exo.

    I don't have a problem if people consider transition groups like AOA, EXID and Crayon Pop (all debuted in 2012) 3rd gen groups. What I am confused is why people blatantly cutting off the 3rd gen timeline. Especially 2018 which was definitely a clear 3rd gen year with 3rd gen mega hits like BBoom2x, Starry Night, D4 and DTNA.

    If 4th gen really started in 2018 that means 3rd gen only ran from 2012-2017, which is relatively short considering how 3rd gen groups are still leading the pack even now. In comparison 2nd gen apparently started with TVXQ and ran for 9 years (2003-2011).

    3rd gen was an enormous reset with multiple 2nd gen groups disbanding or going into hiatus. The powerful 3rd gen groups are still going strong, so there is not a huge shift. Definetly not hte same situation. Also with the focus on global market, charting in Korea is less important.

    That's the question. If 3rd gen is still strong and there's no shift whatever, why a 4th gen have to start? And there are really not much distinction with these "4th gen" groups to the 3rd gen, it's not like they invent or reinvent something.

    I kind of agree but RBW was probably also pressured to give a comment since the group contract was already up and there are no news whatsoever and media outlets are already asking. Hopefully the "positive" part means that WheeSa are already in the middle of signing their contracts and they just had to rush and give this statement.

    They're here but they just haven't released any major hits(aside from Dalla Dalla) yet lmao. You can't just expect them to come out of the gate swinging especially when the general public aren't as enthusiastic about idol groups(especially new ones) compared to 2016. Literally the only idol groups that are digimons with the reform nowadays are BTS and BP lmaoo

    So in the last 3 years (since people are saying 4th gen started in 2018), they only had one hit? I mean it's not like 3rd gen groups didn't had hits during 2018-2020 so the 'general public aren't as enthusiastic about idol groups' is not a good excuse imo.

    But 3rd gen started in 2012 so it took atleast 4 years to it become noticeable isnt it?

    I think 2012-2015 in girl groups were transition years which was still dominated by 2nd gen groups and transition groups like AOA, EXID and Crayon Pop. 2016 is the year where new groups TOTALLY replaced old groups.

    2016, a statement year. Trendy and newly debuted girl groups delivered hits left and right.

    Year-end Digital Chart:

    #01. TWICE - CHEER UP

    #03. GFriend - Rough

    #12. Mamamoo - You're The Best

    #16. TWICE - Like OOH-AHH

    #26. TWICE - TT

    #27. GFriend - Me gustas tu

    #29. GFriend - NAVILLERA

    #32. BLACKPINK - Whistle

    #38. Red Velvet - Russian Roulette

    #47. I.O.I. - Very Very Very

    #70. Mamamoo - Decalcomanie

    #71. BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire

    #80. Mamamoo - I Miss You

    #84. Lovelyz - Ah-Choo

    Mamamoo, Red Velvet and Lovelyz were in their 2nd-3rd year

    TWICE and GFriend were in their 1st-2nd year

    BLACKPINK and I.O.I were in their debut year

    My question is this -- If the 4th generation is already here, why is there no significant shift in hierarchy? The top 1-4 girl groups right now are still all 3rd gen groups. Is it possible that 4th gen is not here yet and only coming this year or the next?